A New America

What those people who are trying to defend the current administration's policy of spying on American citizens and going after its political enemies fail to realize is they don't know who's going to be in power in years to come, nor do they know what any future government will declare to be criminal behaviour. America is on a slippery slope to tyranny; anyone who doubts this need only look back through history to see the problem facing American citizens right here, right now.

In the landmark television series The World At War, one woman who lived in Germany in the 1930s said that Adolf Hitler appeared to many people to be pursuing order and stability. By the time his real agenda became known, it was too late for anyone to oppose him. Christabel Bielenberg, who was married to a German at the time, said: "I think that everything that came to us when we were living in Germany came very gradually. That was part, perhaps, of the way Hitler managed these things. It came on us rather, drip by drip, rather like an anaesthetic, one could almost say, and it was only when a specific thing that he did hit you personally that you actually realised what was going on." (ITV. The World At War: A New Germany, starting at approx. 41m45s: buy it here.)

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