Working Towards Obama

Barack Obama appears to be trying to distance himself from the latest scandal to blight his administration. The public are being told that the President was unaware that IRS employees were deliberately targeting his political opponents. Perhaps we can find a parallel in history to shed some light on how this could happen.

It's well known that Adolf Hitler was lazy, and that he paid very little attention to the nuts and bolts of running a country. The Fuehrer was a gifted speaker, who aroused the emotions of his followers by blaming the Weimar Republic for all of his adopted country's ills. Hitler also targeted groups of German citizens he personally had taken up umbrage against, then expected his followers to figure out exactly what he wanted to do about that, and left them to get on with it.

The British historian Sir Ian Kershaw explains how this worked, citing a speech by Werner Willikens, who was employed in the German Ministry of Food: "Everyone who has the opportunity to observe it knows that the Fuehrer can hardly dictate from above everything he intends to realise sooner or later. On the contrary, up till now everyone with a post in the new Germany has worked best when he has, so to speak, worked towards the Fuehrer." (Kershaw, I., Hitler, The Germans, And The Final Solution, Kindle Loc. 596.)

Nazis worked towards the Fuehrer by perpetrating crimes they thought Hitler would approve of. There was no legal or moral reason to restrict their behaviour in any way, because according to the Leader Principle (Fuehrerprinzip) Adolf Hitler was the living embodiment of what was good for Germany. Working towards the Fuehrer was therefore the ultimate good, and the duty of every true believer.

So it is in America today. The country is ruled by a "lazy dictator" who appears to be bored by the everyday demands of running the country. Obama has spent an inordinate amount of time blaming the previous administration for what he thinks is wrong with the country. And if it's not the previous administration that are to blame for something Obama doesn't like about America, it's someone else. Military veterans, patriots, Republicans, white people, Christians, the Tea Party ... Barack Obama has taken up umbrage against groups of American citizens for reasons that are impossible for anyone to explain in a rational manner.

True believers in Obama hope to see radical change in America but they realise, as Herr Willikens did in 1930s Germany, that a "lazy dictator" cannot be expected to dictate everything from above. He would much rather lead from behind.

In order to let Obama do that, his followers have to take up the slack, and work towards Obama!

So it's feasible that IRS employees initiated a scheme to go after Obama's political opponents without receiving direct orders from him. But even if that turns out to be the case, it does not absolve Obama of responsibility for the actions of his followers any more than the lack of direct orders washed the Fuehrer's hands clean of the blood shed by the Einsatzgruppen in Eastern Europe.

Hitler never saw the inside of a courtroom at the end of the war. He took the coward's way out, after first trying out the suicide meds he had been given on his dog. But the Allies did prosecute some of Hitler's followers at war's end, so justice was meted out to at least some of the perpetrators of some of the war crimes that were committed by the Nazis in Eastern Europe.

There may be several scandals swirling around the White House right now but Obama, Clinton and Holder will sacrifice anyone in order to hang on to power, and the likelihood of any of them hearing a steel door close behind them is extremely slim. But if we can find out who gave the green light to carry out those audits and who actually did the work, then those individuals should be prosecuted just as vigorously as Otto Ohlendorf and Erich Naumann were at the Einsatzgruppen Trial. True believers who are thinking of working towards Obama need to realise that if they are caught, they will be brought to justice.

If America cannot do even that, then Obama has kept at least one of his campaign promises.

The country really has changed.

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dymphna said...

It is worrying sometimes that Obama will transform just enough of the federal bureaucracy during his tenure to make it very hard to backtrack.

FDR did it w/ the components of the New Deal, still with us & on steroids. Social Security anyone?

LBJ's War on Poverty ensured a permanent entitlement population wiling to vote eternally for the Dems. And in that War, Poverty won.

Now BHO is here with the same perversions, brought into the 21st century. Can we clean up enough of his fouling of the political climate? Maybe. We have a small but vigilant group of the citizenry on the alert. So maybe...

I'm posting a video of Rand Paul taking the Senate to task for its behavior toward American businesses. He looks good and that gives me hope. Check out Power Line, Rand Paul. I'm too tired to cut and paste the url

Nick said...

It'll be very difficult to put the genie back in the bottle, that's for sure.

The temptation is to blame Obama - the buck stops with him - but as recent events have shown that is not the view taken by the perpetrators of these wrongdoings - that is to say, they are not claiming "I was only following orders."

A different way of looking at this is needed then, and maybe using Sir Ian Kershaw's notion of "working towards the Fuehrer" can get us a wee bit closer to understanding just what is going on.