What does it matter?

We're all familiar with the distraction techniques employed by the Obama administration by now. Whenever Americans are murdered by Islamic jihadists, stage one for the White House is to stand in front of the cameras looking all serious and intent and promise to get "the folks" who are responsible, no matter what it takes. All the while never intending to do a damned thing about it - in short, they stand there and lie their faces off.

When the facts start to either contradict the official narrative or to expose the sociopathic tendencies of the far leftists who are currently HELL-BENT on destroying everything good about America, you then reach stage two: What does it matter? Why bother me by asking about this? The whereabouts of the President while Americans are fighting for their lives against Islamic jihadists is "irrelevant" and so forth.

Of course if it doesn't matter then there is no reason to withold the information. And Hitlery, if nothing matters, not even human life, then YOU don't matter either.

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