some dirty b*****ds have bombed Boston

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PatriotUSA said...

I have been reading numerous reports and information on this tragic attack.

As always, we must wait until the dust settles a bit before I or anyone else should post news that we are not sure about. One thing I think is for certain, this is a terrorist attack of some sort and with the current polarization in our country, thanks to Obama, this will quite possibly be an attack blamed on domestic terrorists who are MAYBE white, Christian, male and dovetail nicely into what the gov't now considers one of the most dangerous threats to America according to DHS and just recently, the military.

Just saying and this could also be another distraction to keep the sheeple from putting two and two together and realizing the biggest threats to us is our own gov't.

Findalis said...

All the signs point to al Qaeda. This includes the ball bearings in the bomb, the second and third bombs and the Saudi under arrest in the hospital.