food banks in the UK

I saw something the other day that I hadn't seen before - I went into one of the big Tesco superstores and there was a collection point for a food bank - they had a list of approved products like pasta, cereals, tinned goods, UHT milk etc. The idea was that you could buy some of these things while doing your own shopping, then pass them along to the food bank on your way out of the shop.

Anyhow, I got a flashback to Patriot helping that fellow who was living in his car in front of his parents' property a while back, and decided I'd do my bit. I duly collected some tinned rice, long-life milk, pasta, soup and biscuits while I was picking up my own stuff, and handed it in on my way out of the shop.

You've got to do what you can when you get the opportunity, after all.

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PatriotUSA said...

Doing what we can, Nick. Just have to make the best of it when you can as you did.

I see this as paying it forward and we never know when the opportunity will present itself.