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"Another woman from the audience asked the imam about the question of multiple wives that Muslim men had and whether women in the time of Mohammed could have multiple husbands. In his long answer, the imam stated that before Mohammed, men could have as many wives as they wanted, but affirmed that women could have but one husband. A few minutes later, a female student asked a question about the marriage of Mohammed to Aisha, (who was by varying accounts 6- 9 years old at the time of marriage and 12- 13 at the time of consummation.) This launched an animated response by the imam who (in his less than perfect English) appeared to justify the practice of child marriage. He pointed out that it was the US Constitution that established age limitations-not any religious law. (This is in tape 3.) When the aforementioned lady in the audience asked how old Aisha was at the time of the marriage, he answered, "more than twelve. She responded that Aisha was 6 when the arrangement was made and that Mohammed was in his 50s. Mr Shamshad then challenged the questioner to do more research." (Ahmadiya Muslim Event at UC Irvine)

(From William Montgomery Watt's biography of Muhammad. Watt is a good source to refer to in situations like that, when a Muslim apologist is trying to cast doubt on what you've said by suggesting you haven't done your research properly. Cite Watt - he was a highly qualified, "old school" academic who was highly regarded in the Islamic world. - link 1, link 2.)

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