dealing with the left

I've had an interesting few days. I went on to a far left magazine's website and had a discussion with one of its owners. I found that they seemed obsessed with using leftist buzzwords, which were so vague they were essentially meaningless. They could not define the terms that they were using, , and contradicted themselves when they tried to go beyond reciting leftist mumbo-jumbo. I had been listening to John Loeffler talk about how to deal with these people, so I kept bringing them back to what they had actually said, pointing out the contradictions in what they were saying, asking them to explain themselves, and so forth. And as I said, they were unable to go beyond reciting pseudo-political jibber-jabber. Suddenly they decided that their website wasn't the place to explain their worldview, and they didn't have the time anyway. So they declined to comment further.

An interesting encounter - it helped me to figure out how to deal with these people (in some contexts at least.) Just keep politely asking them to explain their views, keep reminding them about what they have said, and do not let them drift off into the vague, wishy-washy linguistic world of multiculturalist nonsense. As John Loeffler has said, just keep poking their worldview, here, there, until you find a soft spot (you'll know it by their reaction), then marshal your forces and advance hard and fast, aiming at their weakest point.

Here's the link.

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