Why get up?

Had a rough couple of days - my old ongoing medical problem from last year had flared up, so I was popping the ibuprofen capsules like Smarties, together with approx. £70 of supplements (this month alone), all to no avail so far as I can make out. In addition I needed to visit the dentist; I've had to go private before now, and that costs believe you me. Happily I've managed to get on to the books of an NHS dentist so it only costs an arm, not both limbs. Saw them this week, and got the low-down about the situation. Unfortunately I can't get the necessary work done for another week or so; but it's not too bad, I'll manage until then. The problem I've been having with all this is not sleeping well, and that really sucketh. Sleep does equal sanity, and I've been lacking one & losing the other! Okay that's overstating it but it's really unpleasant, not sleeping well. I got a script from the local health centre for some temazepam and took one two nights in a row, to try & jump myself into a good sleeping routine, which helped a little, but it's really not ideal. Anyhow, last night, none of that, just stayed up late watching a video on my laptop so that when I went to bed I was tired, and let me tell you I had an unbelievably fantastic sleep. Right round the clock and beyond, it was great! So here's some Jimmie Vaughan!

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Andrea said...

Ah, count-down till one can get into the doc-doc thing. I hate it. Hang in there Nick.

John said...

Am I to understand that I am listening to a Conservative tell me that the National Health System (NHS) is a - - - (Choke! Hack! Sputter! Cough) - -"Good" thing?

Here in the States, Conservatives act like they believe National Health Care is an invention of the devil himself.

Help me to understand.

PatriotUSA said...


I do not think you are hearing the entire thing but I have other problems. Glad you dropped in. Please return soon as i may need your and many others help and this is not about me so much but very, very close to my heart.

NHS is a love/hate thing in the UK, John and Nick knows it EXTREMELY well both sides and i would not pick on Nick. He has a most nasty bite and he will tear your house down.

Bill Holland (FREE ZONE MEDIA) said...

NICK, Is what your going through to be expected in the lower 50 ? It will really get bad if they take away our GUNS.. Sounds like we may need them to get the Doctor or Dentist to SEE US ?

Bill Free Zone Media Publisher..

Get Well - Take two tonight ?

Nick said...

Well John it's like this. I am not a Conservative (big C), have NEVER voted Tory, and that political party has been totally blacklisted in my homeland for many years. Maggie Thatcher and the poll tax finished them north of the border, and from that moment to his, they've never recovered from that DISGRACEFUL EXHIBITION OF OVERT RACISM!!!

The NHS exists, it is a fact of life, and believe you me, there is plenty wrong with it - don't get me started. But going private, unless you have cover through your work (some firms do, the vast majority do not) is simply not an option. It's bad enough being ill, without being financially ruined into the bargain.

Nick said...

It is an interesting issue though: one of the first things one does as a student taking political philosophy is look at the old thought experiment about a "state of nature" (what would it be like without a government) - in order to figure out why we need one, and what it should do.

We all agree (apparently) that a state ought to exist, and that brings one to the question of what it should do - it ought to keep its citizens safe, enforce the rule of law equally, etc. In short, allow citizens to go about their lives safely and securely, so that their money & savings are theirs to keep, over their lifetime.

It's not such a big step to say that a health service is also something that could be done by the state, so that citizens can keep their money & savings should they fall ill.

Let's put it this way - if I became seriously unwell and was seen by a GP through the night (free) - phone and they'll be at my door within the hour - they gave me some meds (free) - then I saw my own GP the next day (same day appointments here) and they gave me a prescription for more meds (free again) but I ended up going into hospital for tests (again - free) and eventually needed an operation (all free) then I wouldn't be financially ruined by any of it.

I'd walk out of hospital with my savings intact, my health restored, my job waiting for me, and I'd be able to resume my productive life, picking up right where I left off.

I have seen two of my dear friends receive extensive and in one case new, innovative medical treatment for extremely serious illnesses - no cost, no bill.

So in principle - one can make the argument that this is one of the (few) things the state could do for its citizens.

In reality of course, being run by human beings, there is a lot wrong with the NHS, just like any other enterprise involving people.

Nick said...

@ Bill,

Thanks for the kind thoughts; that's much appreciated.


Nick said...

If you have an emergency dental situation, if it's really bad, then there is an emergency service available through the NHS. Also, if you're registered with a dental practice, which I am, then they are obliged to provide emergency treatment. Happily the problem I have with my tooth is not too bad, and I can live with it until I get it fixed up properly. I have some co-dydramol for my other medical problem (ongoing - long story) so if it got too sore I have some half-decent meds to use. So I'm all right really - just having an issue sleeping, which isn't enjoyable at all.

If I still drank then I could have a nice glass of Glenfiddich of an evening, but since I don't, I can't. So there you go. A cup of cocoa's the strongest drink I put over my neck nowadays, haha ..

Nick said...

One of my friends had an MI behind the wheel of his car, a passerby gave him CPR till the ambulance arrived, he was blue lighted straight to ARI. From there, airlifted by chopper to the specialist surgery team in Glasgow, where he got a heart transplant. Went through all that, got his anti-rejection meds etc sorted out (all free, all of it) & one fine day walked back in to work and we all went, WOW!

He got another five years after that, visited Australia and saw The Rolling Stones, did heaps of things he had on his wish list - he even saw his son get married, and not long after that, he went downhill, and passed away.

I remember being in a fishing tackle shop in Aberdeen when my phone went and I got the news. Ah, not one of life's better days, that one. But I'm glad I got to know the guy, and believe you me in that five years I had some incredible laughs with him. He was a pleasure to know, and the NHS gave him five years of life after what could easily have been a terminal situation.

If you have an MI behind the wheel of your car, the odds aren't good. But the NHS swung into action, and produced the goods, big style. So it has its problems, yes. But it has its plusses too.