Obama's lackeys - their fallacies and hypocrisy

Saw on the news yesterday that the left in America had wheeled out some poor lady who had been shot in order to support their contra-constitutional claims that American citizens should not have the right to defend themselves against state tyranny. This is a blatant appeal to emotion - a well recognized fallacy.

There is second logical problem underlying all this: There is an unspoken assumption which rests behind much of American political life, which is that politicians are special people, but that assertion is false. Politicians are employees, working according to the terms of a short-term, temporary, rolling contract. That is all. As the saying goes, they work for us.

The truth of the matter is that if any politician cannot carry out the work they are employed to do for any reason, be it health-related, getting run down by a car, or whatever, then America does not grind to a halt. Hardly. They are forgotten about in a week, and we get someone else in to do their job.

Politicians fall ill, have accidents, and die all the time, just like ordinary people - because that is what they are. They are not special, and if they want a society where no one can defend themselves, then what they need to do is lead by example and give up all their armed bodyguards immediately.

So long as American politicians cling to their own gun-toting bodyguards, and the pseudo-religious fantasy that they are special people, their attempts to strip the citizens who employ them of the means to protect themselves from state tyranny will stand exposed as nothing but a blatant power grab, based on fallacies and lies.

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Zenster said...

Politicians are employees, working according to the terms of a short-term, temporary, rolling contract. That is all. As the saying goes, they work for us.

This is where things have gotten all bollixed up. If you have read the extended notes at The Constitutionist, it is immediately apparent that America's Founding Fathers were all relatively well-educated people who also spoke several languages.

Now, transpose that erudition and its attendant insights upon an American electorate that, just as often, cannot name the 50 states much less indicate them on a map and the problem snaps into focus.

Contrary to all the Liberal arguments that proclaim cultural diversity to be "our strength" and a source of "vibrant enrichment", it is precisely a lack of homogeneity, especially at the educational level (extending all the way down to basic IQ), which has visited a catastrophic degree of unawareness or apathy upon the electoral process.

Starting with the importation of African slaves and, now, the more recent arrival of so many newcomers from totally alien cultures; there has been introduced into America's political bloodstream a predictable and destructive divergence of overall objectives or political goals which now threaten to spoil the feast.

Regardless of these long or short term foreign influences there has also been an even more pernicious influence upon this nation's political success and that is the emergence of a relatively uneducated electorate. Rest assured that introducing so many functionally illiterate immigrants has only exacerbated the situation. But the fact remains that, through media's corrosive practice of lowest common denominator programming and similar consumerist marketing strategies, the educated voter is now an exception instead of the rule.

People have essentially forgotten that, as noted in this thread's opening post, the government is here to serve the people.

When people serve the government, that is tyranny and nothing else.

The two-bit street corner whores passing themselves off as America's politicians now view the voting public as their johns (at best), and not much more.