dirty deeds done dirt cheap

Who are these people, really? They'll do absolutely anything to get into power, and then to stay there. American citizens dying in Benghazi? Apparently, that's just the price of doing business. I wonder if they'll have the audacity to blame the recent attack on the oil installation in Algeria on a youtube video?

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Andrea said...

Never. Once. EVER! Have I heard them say - we screwed up. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we got the "buck stops here" line somewhere early on the Benghazi road. We also heard that they would do everything in their power to find who done it. Unfortunately for them, as it became TOTALLY apparent (no thanks to the MSM) the "who done it was THEM" seems the subject has kind of gotten lost in their way busy lives. And that includes the "jobs, jobs, jobs" line we heard forever. They are vile, dangerous and absolutely dis-gus-TING!

Nick said...

Yeah, didn't Obama say he was going to bring those "folks" to justice? Obviously far too busy playing golf.

Andrea said...

Yes, he said that. Vomit @ the mouth says a lot of things repeating them over and over until his disciples (who are more than slow) have got it down pat, or until it no longer suits his fancy, or some other line/disaster comes along with appropriate new line to replace it.