breaking news - shooting in Texas

Breaking news on Sky's twitter page just now is initially that 14 people have been injured in a shooting at Conroe, Texas. In an updated "tweet", 3 people are said to have been injured at Lone Star College, at Conroe in Texas. A slightly more detailed report on Sky says that two people have been injured and taken to Ben Taub General Hospital in Houston. See link.

Update: The Telegraph has picked the story up, and has reported that three people have been injured including the alleged shooter, and police are searching the premises for an accomplice. See link.

Update: RT is reporting that two people were shooting at one another, and passersby were caught in the crossfire, and that "a black male estimated to be between 18 and 20 years old" was seen fleeing the scene. See link.

A live video is currently available at abc13.

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Andrea said...

Em hem. One day after inauguration. And how more frequent will we be seeing these now?

Nick said...

We know what White House policy is anyway.

Andrea said...

Mark Stein yesterday was very clear yesterday - DO NOT for a second think he has dropped gun control. ANY incident will add fuel and just like OBAMACARE he totally plans on getting it rammed thru no matter what the people think/want.