Obama on gun control - and abortion

Obama, as we all remember, responded to the islamic terrorist attack at Fort Hood by refusing to examine its root cause, and declaring the incident to be nothing more than "workplace violence". Something which was deeply unfortunate of course, but oh well it happens now and again, and there's nothing to be done about it. As we all know, years later the guy who carried out that attack still hasn't been tried, let alone found guilty, sentenced, or given the big needle. No, they've been arguing about whether he should be allowed to grow a beard FFS! This White House can hardly claim to be tough on law and order with that black mark on their record. Nor can they claim to be genuinely interested in preventing American citizens from losing their lives, or they would have taken appropriate steps to prevent any more crazed jihadis from ever being recruited into the American military. But of course, in that instance Obama would have had to attack his friends. So he didn't.

Now some crazy guy has gone nuts and killed a bunch of people in America, and Obama's response is completely different. Suddenly he's all over it. America will have to do something, must prevent this from happening again, etc. Which means increasing government control over American citizens, so that they cannot arm themselves adequately to resist a tyrannical government, now or in the future. In this instance, Obama has an excuse to attack his enemies. So he has.

As for Obama having the audacity to stand there and pretend he's all concerned about saving children's lives, I refer you to his record - and his comments - regarding abortion survivors. (See here - read his comments at page 85 onwards, and here.)

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