gone shootin'

It's never good when love goes bad, and addictions will have that effect on your life ... one way or another ... the lyrics tell the story here ... feel the pressure rise, and the whistle blow, she bought a ticket of her own accord, to I don't know ... packed her heart in a travellin' bag, never said bye bye, somethin' missin' in the neighbourhood, all the cryin eyes ... I stir the coffee with the same spoon, to her favourite tune, she's gone shootin' ... my baby's gone shootin' ... oh yeah ... wrap herself around, like a second skin, backed her favourite nag, well she could never win, I took her number in another town, she took another pill, she was runnin' in overdrive, a victim of overkill ... she never made it past the bedroom door, what was she aimin' for ???... she's gone shootin, she's gone, gone gone gone gone gone ..

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