Bacon ...

Having a light snack right now: a couple of sandwiches. (Dutch cheese, Danish bacon & English eggs - now that's what I call multiculturalism!)

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PatriotUSA said...

Nick, I hope some Muslims drop by for some bacon.

Great sandwich and look to me a bit light on the bacon?

Just sayin'............

Nick said...

Six slices there, underneath the eggs (four eggs). Maybe I need to add a couple more next time ...

PatriotUSA said...

You know there is NEVER such thing as too much bacon.

Can you overnight me a box of these sandwiches??

I would come pick them up in person but am a wee bit on the broke side.

John said...

As close as I can figure, that sandwich comes in somewhere in the neighborhood of from 1,060 to maybe 1,200 calories.

What makes up the balance of the ordinary daily diet of 2,000 calories?

It does look great, however and I am going to make one for breakfast tomorrow.

Off to the store to get the artisan bread and of course,I will add a dash of french dressing and a tomato to mine.

Thanks for the great sandwich idea.

Now if you are into hamburgers at all here is mine:

Have the butcher coarse grind the beef chuck which is a ration of 80/20 (lean to fat) - - once through the grinder only!

Add 8 tablespoons canned beef broth per pound and do not mix by hand (toughens the meat) but use a hand-held mixer.

Add 1/2 tsp salt and l/8 tsp black pepper.

Add 1/2 tsp to a full tsp of Coriander.

Cook covered:

7 minutes at 350 degrees on the first side.

5 minutes at simmer heat for the second side.

Priod to cooking, depress the center of the patties to prevent them from forming domes when cooking.

Toast one side of large Kaiser rolls.

Past out the meat before cooking into carefully weighed 6-ounce patties (Use kitchen scale.)

Slosh the buns with actual melted butter (brush it on with pastry brush).

Do not depress the meat with a spatula while it is cooking because that will press the juices out of the meat and make it tough.

Sprinkle lightly with MSG if desired during the cooking for flavor enhancement.

If cheese is to be used, place it on the burgers under a lid about 40 seconds before the meat has finished cooking.

Add crisp bacon if desired.

640 to 750 calories per sandwich with the bread.

Nick said...

That's an expert talking - I bet you've made a few of those!

PatriotUSA said...


I will be trying this out as I am always looking for a better burger.

This sounds really good and we practice almost the same art in cooking burgers that you have listed here.

Thanks so much!

Nick said...

Could have done with some brown sauce ...

Nick said...

And more bacon!