a son of anarchy returns

I used to have a violent, destructive streak in me a mile and a half wide. I once caught a drug dealer picking my pocket in Amsterdam when I was over there on a drinking spree, and I cracked his head open on a steel fence and stamped on his balls so hard it was exactly like dropping a boulder on two eggs. Another guy followed me out of the pub one night, so I belted him in the temple with a beer bottle, kicked him in the balls, and hip tossed him out in front of a passing car. The car swerved and missed him, so I followed him out on to the tarmac and whacked his hairy coconut off the road a few times so he got the message good and proper. Et cetera ... the thing is when events turned violent I never used to get wound up or angry, there was no emotion in any of it. Violence was necessary, that was all, and I was okay with giving someone their medicine.

I only ever got lifted once, & got myself charged with the peculiarly Scottish legal offence of "assault to injury". I always thought there was no point in having one without the other, but there you go. Man, that charge hung around my neck for years.

Anyhow, the years passed and I got older and calmed down. Got myself a decent job, stopped drinking, don't go out any more. Basically live a quiet life, don't bother anyone and get on with my own little intellectual projects in my spare time. (I took a degree with the OU for example - that took a few years to complete.) The thought of drinking again, or going back to my previous way of living, is just too much to contemplate. Although I live a quiet life now, there's no doubt I was a real son of anarchy in my prime.

I was a pretty formidable character too, I must say. We used to have strongman competitions at the place where I worked, all informal & just a bit of fun. I held the record for holding two 12" shackles out in the crucifix position. I really, no joke at all, used to bend steel bars with my bare hands. I spent a lot of time in the gym in those days. So if I hit someone, they tended to go down.

But all that is way in the past. And this year, I've been quite significantly ill. Up and down the road to hospital, many different medications, and so forth. It's been a difficult time. This on top of a few years of other problems (legal etc.) - so I have not been at my best, and really do just want some peace and quiet in my life nowadays.

However, I was in the bookshop the other day and this fellow started getting all stroppy with me. Apparently as he stood immobile in front of the bookshelf and I reached cannily in to take a book down off the shelf, the sleeve of my jacket brushed the book he was holding. I know, shock horror, a hanging offence surely! This fellow apparently though that the world revolved around him, and that he was not a customer but in fact owned the bookshop. My old self immediately asserted itself, and I told the fellow that he ought to F off. That didn't go over too well.

The guy appeared to be one of those arrogant fellows who are used to getting their own way. Not this time. And he didn't know how to cope with that. He threw a few insults my way but I just set myself and looked straight at him. I think he got the "violence approaching" vibe and started to walk away. He hurled a final insult over his shoulder and I asked him loudly so that everyone around could hear & see his response - the traditional Scottish question: "Do you want to go outside?" Apparently he didn't, because he hung his head and scuttled away around the corner.

So that was it - the point is though that my old self came to the fore, and I felt good. Throughout, and afterward too. I felt like my old self again. That was a good feeling - oh yes. But it also reflected my philosophy of life nowadays too. I take no sh*t from anyone, under any circumstances, ever. Life's too short to bend the knee to anyone.

Especially some silver-spooner like David Cameron or that closet muslim sitting in the White House. When I'm lying on my death bed I'll take no pleasure in thinking, oh well I bent over and let Big Dave give me one right up my rear entry. Who would get any pleasure out of that? And if you're American, do you really want to go to your grave knowing you let Barry O slip it relentlessly and systematically up your poop chute? I dare say you would not.

Of course if the idea of Barry O rogering you over the kitchen table appeals to you, then I have nothing to say to you. But for all morally sane people, here's what I think after seeing two of my friends die of cancer recently and spending a year in and out of hospital myself: Each of us has an obligation to ourselves to find out the truth about the world we live in, and to use that knowledge to make the best moral choices we can. In the most profound philosophical sense, that is what freedom is, and that is what our freedom is for.

That means that each of us needs to take the time to educate ourselves about what islam actually teaches, to consider whether its doctrines are compatible with our own hard-gained freedoms and to study the history of the islamic religious movement in order to see what it's current adherents will try to do in the future. And having done that, we each need to act, to the best of our ability, in order to preserve our own freedom, our own religion, and our own way of life.

Neither Barry O nor David Cameron are responsible for the moral choices we make as individuals. They're just politicians saying blah blah blah ... they're really not important at all. I mean, Barry O was brought up a muslim, bowed to the Saudi king, and sat in a pew listening to the vile filth pouring out of the mouth of Jeremiah Wright for years. No sane person would take anything he said about religion seriously.

We need to remember that politicians are professional liars, and we can't trust anything any one of them says about anything, and that includes islam. We need to crack open the history books ourselves; we need to open our eyes and look around us at what's happening in the world, and above all we need to remember, always, that each of us is an individual, a moral agent capable of exercising our own free will. Each of us can study the facts about islamic doctrines and history for ourselves, and make our own minds up what we think about it.

Yes we can! And don't let anybody tell you different!

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dymphna said...

We need to remember that politicians are professional liars, and we can't trust anything any one of them says about anything...

Agreed. The 'professional' part is the most important to remember. It means they're very, very good at dissembling. So good they come to believe what they say, even as we rely less and less on these prevaricators...

I've wondered sometimes if they have to get into their Liar's Suit every morning or if it becomes a second skin, part of who they are.


PatriotUSA said...

These are snakes that never shed their skin and thus need to be given the boot.

But hey, it is all free and good so keep voting for me and I will only bleed you dry by a thousand tiny cuts, take your guns and flush nay and all freedoms down the toilet.