Islam in France

A protest took place in Paris on Saturday; hundreds of French citizens sang the French national anthem under a banner saying "Le Fascisme Islamiste Ne Passera Pas". One protester said that France has always been a welcoming country, but now it had to deal with a religion "which can't and doesn't want to integrate itself".

Now, any multiculturalists who happen upon this website will immediately think what they have been taught to think, that those protesters in France must have been inspired by racism and hate. But read on: The brother of gunman Mohamed Merah explains in a new book that the Merah kids were raised by their mother in an atmosphere of racism and hate directed against Jewish people. Abdelghani Merah, says that on the day of the funeral of his brother Mohamed, the Toulouse killer who was shot dead by French police, he swore that he would tell the world how the Merahs had been raised, and what he had been taught to believe as a child. According to Merah, his mother told him repeatedly during his childhood that because they were Arabs, they were born to hate Jews. Racism then? Hatred?

Isn't it about time the multiculturalists and the PC brigade started to examine the so-called religion of peace? Could it be that the anti-semitic doctrines in Islam are simply incompatible with the values of a free and tolerant society? Why are multiculturalists unable to ask themselves that question?

Sources: Edmonton Journal, Businessweek, The Province, LA Times.

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Michael Johnston said...

I'm a retired Special Forces Soldier currently working as a contractor for the Government. I've been fighting against these cowardly Islamic "warriors" for a long time. We better wake up PDQ because before long they WILL be clacking themselves off in America. Islam has one goal...world domination...and unlike Hitler they spread by peaceful means until they get strong enough to use violence. Google the "TEAM B" report on stealth jihad and Sharia in America...

PatriotUSA said...


THANK YOU for your service to our country. The honor is all mine and thanks for your comment. I am posting it up on the blog directly as it really serves out well about Islam and how evil it is.

Thank you!!