up to my neck in you

In light of all the events that have been unfolding recently, I thought I'd inject a bit of music into Patriot's Corner, and let everyone have it, with a song I've been listening to again recently. I remember hearing the original version on tape many years ago, I had a cassette player that was cutting edge technology at the time, and the album (Powerage) was one of the first real hard rock albums I had ever heard. Here's SGMAN from Japan covering the song in question, along with a quick look at the lyrics:

 Well I've been up to my neck in trouble
Up to my neck in strife
Up to my neck in misery
For most of my life,
I've been a fool
And you know what a fool can do
I'm telling you

You came along when I needed you
Now I'm up
I'm up to my neck in you

I've been up to my neck in pleasure
Up to my neck in pain
I've been up to my neck on the railroad track
Waitin' for the train
To cruise on through
Baby my time was due
It's way overdue

You came along and you pulled me through
Now I'm up
Up to my neck in you

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PatriotUSA said...

Your timing be perfect, Nick.

Thanks and great song!

Nick said...

I've been re-reading some of my old philosophy material from my Open University days, discussing it with someone else, and have written some notes for an article - so if I can just get my head screwed on straight, that article will be forthcoming ...

Nick said...

I've been up to my neck in whisky
I've been up to my neck in wine
Up to my neck in wishin
This neck wasn't mine ...

oh yeah ...