the truth about Islam - a rant

People like Geert Wilders, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the owners of counterjihad blogs like the Gates of Vienna (and this one), and the members of the English Defence League, who have all been on the receiving end of threats, lawsuits and endless ad hominem abuse for stating the truth about Islam, are today vindicated.

Today we see Muslims throughout the world practicing and preaching hatred of everything and everyone who does not submit to their so-called prophet - a man whose behaviour they emulate, since they consider that sorry individual "the ideal man". By the fruits of Islam, we know it, all right.

Throughout the world, Christians and other non-Muslims are persecuted in the most horrific and merciless fashion - by human beings who have submitted to Islam. This has even been debated by MPs at Westminster Hall. The facts here simply cannot be denied.

I wonder if all those who insist that Muslims can be separated into two groups: "moderates" and "extremists" would care to explain just which group the masses of Muslims rioting around the world today belong to? That narrative, which only arose post 9/11, doesn't even make sense - Muslims themselves reject it.

There'll be no use of such labels today by the dhimmi media. Instead you'll see the passive voice being used, as if riots, arson and murder were natural events that occur spontaneously in the natural world, like a clap of thunder, with no moral agents exercising their free will (i.e. human beings) involved at all: "Riots today in [insert country here] in response to a movie said to insult the prophet Muhammed." And similar rot.

The headlines should of course read: "Muslims are rioting again, after murdering innocent civilians in an act of war against America."  The President of America should of course say: "We have drones in the sky and whenever and wherever we see Muslims rioting and attacking an American embassy anywhere in the world, we will drop a thermobaric weapon on their barbaric asses and send them to the hell from which their false prophet drew his inspiration." Peace can be achieved in our world - through superior firepower. And if that's what it takes, then that's what we should be doing (See Machiavelli's The Prince, Chapter 15.)

Pastor Umar Mulinde knows the truth about Islam. He grew up in a Muslim home only to renounce the false religion of Islam and embrace Christianity. For his pains, Mulinde was attacked by Muslims who gleefully yelled out the takbir (you will hear many of the Muslims currently rioting doing the same) as they poured acid on his face and body. Mulinde says today that what we are facing is the spirit of Islam. The spirit behind the false religion of Islam is Satanic - it is Lucifer who wishes to deny that Jesus was crucified, to deny that He was the Son of God, who would have people follow the bloodline of Ishmael and deny that of Isaac, and who engenders in each and every one of his followers (not just the "extremists") a hatred of Israel that is as virulent and insatiable as that of the Nazis. Hatred, lies and cruelty lie at the root of the false religion of Islam, just as they lay behind the worldview of the Nazis. Islam is not a religion of peace. It is a religion of hate. Behind Adolf Hitler, behind the false prophet of Islam, is the same figure, the corrupter, the adversary, the father of lies. That is our true enemy.

I've had it with these mealy-mouthed politicians who refuse to condemn Islam or to hold Muslims responsible for the moral choices they make. If the politicians in power today don't have it in them to say openly that Muslims will be held accountable for how they act from this day forward, to announce that the sternest of measures will be adopted against any and all Muslims who choose to behave like a bloodthirsty savage, and that no longer will anyone living in a Western country listen to their pathetic bleating about people "insulting" their false prophet - then that politician needs to be voted OUT.

We need politicians who will speak the truth, who are willing to inform any individual human being who chooses to submit to the Satanic doctrines of Islam that NO respect will henceforth be given to their false religion, and the truth about their child-loving, POW-killing, widow-raping, caravan-raiding prophet will be spread far and wide throughout the world, so that no morally sane person living in a free country will ever cut Islam or its followers any slack again. The ideal man my ARSE! Islam is not a religion of peace. That assertion is absurd. Anyone who doubts that needs only to switch on their TV, or read the koran.

Islam is a religion of hate.

Oh and btw: to any Muslims who happen to read this and want to start crying, getting all emotional, sticking their eyes out and tugging at their scraggly beard just because there are people who know the truth about their false religion - tough. You're just going to have to deal with it. Or not. I really don't care which.

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Stogie said...

Hell yes and right on!!

This is a most righteous rant, one that tells the truth.

I will link.

PatriotUSA said...


I had a post working on a rant on Islam but pulled it back after reading yours.

Well said and well put and to any Muslim who wants to debate here, or to any LIBERAL who wants to go toe to toe, bring it! As long as you are civil, somewhat polite and back yourself up with FACTS, not feelings you will be welcomed here.

That said you will also get eviscerated from head to toe but it will be done politely and backed up with FACTS.

Thanks for stealing. Stogie and your are always welcome to do so!
Stealing with honor has always been encouraged here.

LD Jackson said...

I could not agree more with your rant. The way I see it, if they do not have access to our citizens to murder, they will murder each other. It is a proven fact that the different factions of Islam can not get along with each other, much less the western world. That being the case, we should remove ourselves from their region, other than our support for Israel, and let them go after it. At the same time, we should warn them, giving proof, if necessary, of the dire consequences that will befall them, should they choose to export their violence out of their borders. A message needs to be sent and that would get our point across better than anything I can think of.

Jess said...

Have you ever read the book "The God Who Hates"? You should check it out. I consider myself more on the Liberal end of things, but I am also a Christian and see the spiritual reality behind what is going on.

I must admit, I feel very torn. I have a deep dislike for this religion and what it perpetuates, and I also have a deep dislike for America's greed for power (well, our governments greed). Part of me feels like expelling the Americans from the Middle East will put a dent in this NWO plan, but the other part of me knows that this is a religion which MUST be stopped, or at least be severly broken until it no longer resembles its current state. So many of the horrible acts in that region are fueled by ancient and barbaric cultural values that have been implemented into the religion so that people are brainwashed into thinking that they are doing God's will. The Muslims authorities in the Middle East are political masterminds.

I'm actually in the process of writing an article about Islam myself, though not to condemn it or condone it; rather, I want to give those who are uninformed a solid understanding of what this religion is actually all about. So many people have no idea what they are talking about! I don't understand how people can form such resolute opinions without understanding the facts.

PatriotUSA said...

If you are interested I would consider posting your article up here.

Yes,most of us here are against Islam and sharia law but that said, an article that is open and honest, backed by facts is always welcome here.

I have read "The God Who Hates" by Wafa Sultan. Everyone should read this book for it gives an INSIDE look to what Islam does to girls and women starting at a very young age. I have read it three times actually.

Thank you for your comment. Even those who are on the liberal end of things are welcome here. We are not driven by hatred here for Muslims.

Islam is NOT a religion first and foremost. Many do not see or understand this. Bill Warner;s site "Political Islam" is one of the best out there for dispelling the myth of Islam being a religion.

cjk said...

To tell the truth about Mohammedanism IS to condemn it in the view of anyone who holds The Golden Rule as true.

That's just the way it is.

PatriotUSA said...

LD Jackson,

Spot on and correct. Not one more cent wasted on Muslim countries, ANY
of them. We could have all the energy we need if we could get the EPA and environazis out of the way.

I am so sick of seeing American blood wasted for worthless endeavors and even more worthless Islamic countries, every damn one of them.

Nick said...


Yes of course anyone with a Christian understanding of the world should be able to see what the doctrines of Islam teach and should understand that it is not, never has been, and never can be, compatible with the Christianity.

And if you would care to check out Pastor Umar Mulinde, here on this website and on youtube etc, you will see that he forgives his attackers, and sees human beings who have been taught to believe they are "Muslims" as the first victims of Islam.

It's enough to make you weep, when you think of the millions of people who have been swallowed up by this poisonous ideology; as someone said the other day, it's worse than Communism.

Now I agree with you that our own governments leave a lot to be desired - absolutely - and it's not right to just say they're "the good guys" because they're "our" governments - so I see where you're coming from there too.

I would like to see your article if you want to post it here, or anywhere else. My background is in engineering, and I also took a degree in philosophy some years ago (p/t - just as a hobby) so I like to think I'm pretty much a fact-based, fairly rational kind of guy. I would be very interested to hear what you think about all this.

That rant was unlike me, I have to say, but after seeing all those clips on TV of that poor fellow being murdered, of Muslims rioting etc - AGAIN - I just kind of came unglued there for a moment ...

Nick said...

And that's all right, after all according to lefty logic, that means that my coming unglued is someone else's fault - their fault, specifically for behaving in a way that "offends" ME!!!!

What's good for the goose, is good for the gander.

Tracy said...

Letting islame to move in is not a positive thing.
The folks from Pakistan, Somalia, and the like bring no positive aspect to American culture. They just want to make these neighborhoods theirs and have their own laws.
It totally sucks. The best we can do is to never, ever be afraid to say go back to where you're from if you really don't like the west. That's not wrong to do that.
It is not racial.
It simply says go back and make your place like you want it.
If it turns out that it becomes so much better, then maybe you see ppl want to join your great world...and just like here, you're going say the same thing to me if I go there
and try to pull the same crap you are doing here..
except you'll just probably want to kill me according to your koran...well I fight evil here too, so these are my last words to all islame folks who ignore even basic logic.
Call me any name you want. It's just more bs.
I stand for Americanism freedom and positive living, not for your sneaky lying two faced scheme of breeding in your plan to enslave the world.