The truth about Islam - and our politicians

Islam is not a religion of peace. That is a lie. Islam is not compatible with other religions. That is a lie. Islam directly contradicts both Christianity, and specifically Mormonism, for the doctrines of Islam states clearly that Jesus was not the Son of God, it denies the crucifixion and it denies the Trinity; and it claims that their false prophet was the last prophet, thereby denying the legitimacy of Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and indeed much of mainstream LDS doctrine over the years. So there can be no true "interfaith dialogue" with devout muslims - they seek only to find a way to advance the cause of islam around the world.

Any of our politicians who lie about islam's doctrines and history do not deserve to represent us. The religion of islam is based on lies, hatred, fear and intimidation. If anyone coming upon this site questions my motives for saying this, please know that I am not American, I am not a tea-partier and have no knowledge about that movement or the people in it, and I have no real interest in, or knowledge of, Mitt Romney. My interest is in the truth, and in upholding the principles of democracy and of free speech. That is all.

The claims I made above regarding the false religion of islam are a matter of record. Please do check them out for yourself. The doctrines of islam are simply not compatible with other religions, or with freedom of speech, or with freedom. As Aaron Russo once said, politicians like to take away our freedoms in the name of some so-called "greater good" - but there is no greater good than for me and you, as human beings, to be free.

We have seen human beings taught to think of themselves as muslims rioting around the world lately, and they claim to have chosen to behave in such a barbaric fashion because someone has insulted their false prophet. But their very actions, together with islam's bloody history of persecution and intolerance of people who exercise their free will and choose not to submit to the doctrines of islam, demonstrate to any rational, morally sane person, that islam is a religion of hate, of intolerance, which demands that its followers use violence, fear and intimidation to advance the cause of islam. And it's important to realise that they want to do so at the expense of freedom loving, peace loving human beings around the world. We need politicians who are not afraid to stand up and speak the truth. If you can find any - that's where your vote should go.

Jesus warned us to beware of false prophets who come to us in sheep's clothing, but who are really ravening wolves. By their fruits we shall know them, we have been told. Please watch this video.

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Michael from Canada said...

Thankyou for this article. I just wanted you to know that your Canadian cousins stand with you, as we share more than just a border. The North will defend, support, and stand against these impositions.

God Bless America and all who stand with her

Andrea said...

I AM an American. Having watched Barack Hussein 'Osama' Obama's actions for at least four years, I feel comfortable in stating he is one of the ravening wolves. Or worse. This latest crisis in the middle east, we already know he is responsible for four American deaths. I await, expect, confirmation that his hands are much more bloody than that.

Stogie said...

God bless Israel, one of the greatest nations and greatest peoples on Earth!