Obama's appeasement sinks to a new low

I just came home from work and saw breaking news scroll along the bottom of the screen. Apparently Obama has appeared on Pakistani TV apologising to the members of the ummah for some guy putting a clip on youtube - and Obama acted like this on the same day that there was a "protest" (i.e. riot with arson and murder a distinct possibility) at the American Embassy in that country. Will this man's base appeasement sink any further? He really is the American Chamberlain.

Well of course we know Obama's appeasement can get worse, and it will. He's already blanked Netanyahu who's coming to the US shortly, although Hussein Obama found time to appear on Letterman, of all things. Of course Obama doesn't want anything to do with Netanyahu right now - because Netanyahu can put Obama on the spot, re. Iran. If Netanyahu ever got into the same room with Obama, the first words out of his mouth would be, "What is America going to do to stop Iran from creating nuclear weapons?"

That's a question Obama doesn't want to answer prior to the election. We all remember him saying to the Russians, don't worry, just wait until after the elections and I'll betray America if that's what you want; we all know he'd like to see Israel wiped off the face of the map - how do we know this? Because that's what the twelvers in charge of Iran want, and he's siding with them. So that's what he wants, all right. If he didn't want that to happen, he'd do something about it. He can - but he won't.

Obama, as Dinesh D'Souza has said, wants to readjust the balance of power in the world so that the enemies of America have more power, and America and her allies have less. This is Obama's aim all right, and we see it every day - by his fruits we know Obama for what he is - a false prophet who intends to see evil gain power over what is good in the world.

The media and indeed politicians refuse to use moral language when describing what is happening in the world. But this is exactly how events should be described. The murders carried out by devout muslims every day around the world are evil acts, and any morally sane person recognises this to be true.

How an individual responds to the moral choices he faces in his life tells us about their character. Obama is not exempt from this - he's not special in this regard, any more than he is in any other. By choosing to side with islamic powers in the middle east, by refusing to call the murder of American diplomats by barbaric muslims evil (and make no mistake, that is what it is), by continually refusing to stand firmly behind Israel in the face of neo-Nazis who strive to continue Hitler's work, Obama has chosen to stand with evil. The bible tells us that Satan prowls around this world, looking for people to devour. And everything that Obama does tells us that the devil made a stop at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue some time back. And just like a vampire, he found someone who invited him in.

Obama and the American press do not like to use moral language to describe the actions of muslims around the world, because any morally sane person recognises that jihad is evil. They can't say that and continue with their policy of appeasement, and they can't call such actions good because that is morally insane. So they invent new language to refer to such evil actions ("man-caused disasters", "extremism" etc.) But this is a cop-out - using meaningless terms to refer to evil actions does not change the nature of those actions, or the character of the actors who carry them out. Jihad is evil, and if any muslim chooses to murder an American diplomat, then they are evil. That is the correct moral term to describe such actions.

What the American public must remember is that human beings make moral choices every day, and that includes human beings that have been taught to think of themselves as muslims. That includes American politicians. And that includes American voters. If Obama won't stand up against evil, if he and Hilary won't even acknowledge that evil exists in this world - not even when their colleagues are being murdered in front of them and pictures of the corpses shown on the internet - then the American public need to recognise that Obama and Clinton are choosing to side with evil. That is what appeasement is. And here's the thing: if the American public vote for someone who has chosen to side with evil, then they too are making a moral choice to serve evil.

Voting in November means making a moral choice - and it may be the most important choice any American will ever make. Because if Obama and Clinton get into power again, there is no telling what they are capable of. No one can serve two masters, and Obama and Clinton certainly won't be able to get out of serving theirs. They don't even want to.

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Andrea said...

Obama and Hillary are part of the ROP.
Religion of POWER.
Mortals who do not believe in a Higher Power.
Well, we all pay the piper sooner or later.

Nick said...

That's excellent, Andrea. (And sadly, oh so true.)

Nick said...

You know, I've been listening to an audio version of The Gathering Storm by Winston Churchill - and the similarities between what happened in the 30s, and what is happening right now, are there for all to see - if people would just look.

Of course people appear far more interested in - and the press would have them be interested in - the latest episodes of Simon Cowell's ridiculous TV programme. Or which football player is being transferred to a new club, what football players and TV actresses have to say about fashion and lifestyle choices, blah blah blah.

You know, deeply important stuff like that.

Any world in which Denise Welch is paid good money to sit on TV and spout off her thoughts on life is clearly in deep, deep trouble.

Nick said...

Small wonder that the islamists see us as a soft touch - we are (speaking in general, society-level terms.)

On the other hand, in private conversations between individuals who are free to air their true opinions, I've found that islam is regarded by many as "a dark force" (I've heard that said by someone I would never have expected it of) and the works of writers like Nonie Darwish etc are discussed with enthusiasm, so maybe there's hope yet.

Difficult to change the system from the ground up - but we still have the vote. At the moment.