Australia - truth and lies

Apparently there have been muslims rioting in Australia, and some Aussie soldier who has been in Afghanistan getting shot at by muslims has said on his facebook page that he'd like nothing better than to drop the legs on a MAG 58, slap on a 500 round belt, adopt a stable firing position in the middle of the street and lay waste to every single one of those cancerous *****." (see link)

The Australian authorities are apparently looking into this, and Neil James of the Australian Defence Association has said that by making those comments the soldier is making the diggers' jobs in Afghanistan harder - what a total wingnut!

Like it or not, Mr. James, the attempt to divide the ummah into "extremists" and "moderates" is now exposed as a total crock. If the "diggers" referred to are fighting "extreme" muslism then what category are these rioters supposed to fit into ? They sure aren't peace-loving "moderates". So what are they? "Extremists"??? If so, then they should be treated accordingly.

What actually makes the "diggers'" jobs harder is idiots like Mr. James refusing to believe what his own eyes tell him, and denying the nature of the enemy Australian troops are facing - and Australian citizens too. Whereas troops serving in Afghanistan and fighting muslims day in and day out know perfectly well what they are seeing, understand their enemy very well, and when they come back home and see the same kind of barbaric behaviour from muslims living in their own country as they've seen in theatre, naturally they understand that the only measures they have found effective against muslims abroad would be just as effective in their own country. Maybe idiots like Neil James ought to try taking just a step down that road and employing water cannons, K9 units (lots of them) and squadrons of police on horseback to quell these islamic riots? When that worked, then maybe he'd understand where the "digger" in question was coming from.

Or maybe he ought to go and live in a muslim neighbourhood in Australia. Or even emigrate to an islamic country - then try walking about with a T-shirt saying "Jesus Saves". Or carrying a bible. Or letting his daughter out at night in the hot weather.with shorts & a T-shirt on. I think we all know what the outcome of that would be. What Mr. Jones and people of that ilk need to do is ask themselves why. I'll give them a clue. The answer begins with the letter "i".

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