A Sign of Cultural Health

It's no surprise that the West can produce artists of this calibre, and that the ummah has no great guitarists or singers in its ranks. Where in the Islamic world are the Robert G. Barretts, the Jack Londons, the works of art that lift us up, inspire us, and amuse us? The best islam can do is take over someone else's land and build a glorified shed with a funny looking roof covered with blasphemies. When islam can produce a few great albums and write books about an islamic Les Norton then I'll start to take their claims to be enlightened and able to "enrich" the West in some way seriously. Until then they can all take a running jump, and I'll keep remembering when the Berlin wall came down, the West united in freedom, and Snowy White played that blistering guitar solo.

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Fallin fast said...

That's an eye opener. Islam has not contributed to society in the form of culture. Maybe Cat Stevens, but that was the only one I could come up with, and that was years ago.

PatriotUSA said...

Good music, musicians would be hounded to death by Islam as such fine musicians or musicians would be considered haram.

Cat Stevens, he is a traitor of the worst sort. I never liked before or after he converted to SHITlam.

Anonymous said...

When did Islam ever produce an author whose books made you fall about laughing half as much as Bob Barret's Les Norton novels?

If a culture can't produce art like that, then there's something far wrong with it, I'd say.

Andrea said...

To anon - it never will - certainly not in this lifetime.
I am following a twitter conversation as I write here.
Ironic - not - his use of the word "forward" - I think the top of my head will explode -

Muslim -
All Muslim countries should strive for an International Blasphemy Law which will include all faiths and religions.Its the only way forward

Fortunately - Flippintheraya never sleeps - he replies -

@DrAQ_Khan Then, would Muslim's then be required to stop saying Jesus is not the son of God? That insults and is blasphemous to Christians