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Everyone in my generation remembers September 11th, 2001. Islamic terrorists carried out an attack on America similar to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, which kicked American participation in World War II into high gear. With that attack on an American naval base, the fate of both Germany and Japan was sealed, for as soon as America entered the war in both the European and Pacific theatres, there was no way that Hitler's Germany or the island of Japan could prevail.

In 2001 it was the turn of Britain and the rest of the civilised world to rally behind America, as America had backed the Allied forces during World War II. And throughout the civilised world, that's what happened. Time and again, we heard the expression: We are all Americans now.

How strange to see the state of the world today then. The people managing Western countries, and that includes America btw, have relegated good old-fashioned patriotism to the status of obsolete idol worship. The current American President does not stand for American values, but instead has aligned himself with Islam, the force behind the terrorist attacks of 9/11. He has betrayed Israel, a first for any American President. And in Europe, a political oligarchy has embarked on a massive social engineering project; the corrosive doctrines of multiculturalism and cultural relativism, together with secret immigration programs, have left everything our ancestors fought for during World War II in ruins. Throughout Europe, a policy of Gleichschaltung is now being vigorously enforced by the authorities, with anyone questioning the ideology of the political elite being subjected to ever harsher legal and social penalties.

We all recognised on 9/11 that an evil force had exploded into our reality. What many people have failed to grasp is that the same force has been spreading throughout our world ever since, it has grown in power, and it has gained many converts: human beings intent on carrying on the work of those 19 Islamic terrorists. People who see it as their life's work to destroy all that is good in the world. This phenomenon is not new. In World War II, many Nazis accepted their Fuehrer's visions of a different world and dreamed up schemes of the most morally perverse nature as they sought to bring their Fuehrer's visions about here on earth. This phenomenon is known as "working towards the Fuehrer". There was no need for a grand plan, drawn up on day one; no need for signed, detailed orders from the top. Human beings had the opportunity to do evil, in a context where their behaviour was rewarded by those in power, and so the world experienced the work of the Einsatzgruppen. The murders carried out by individuals like the "Death Dealer of Kaunas", who lived in Nazi-occupied territories and participated enthusiastically in the Nazis' murderous actions. Auschwitz. The state-sanctioned murder of the members of The White Rose.

The Third Reich was organised in a way which meant that Nazi policies would only ever become more radical; there were no brakes in the system, and there was no going backwards once a step had been taken. High ranking Nazis were given competing or even overlapping responsibilities, and they had to compete with one another in order to gain the Fuehrer's approval. After an underling's policy was retrospectively approved by Hitler, anyone else who wanted their Fuehrer's approval would have to take things even further, and imagine something that was even more extreme, more morally corrupt. If the original Nazi flunky wanted another pat on the back from his beloved Fuehrer, then he would have to go down the same road. And there is no depth human beings will not sink to, if they are "working towards the Fuehrer". To deny that is to deny the Holocaust.

In the world today, we face an adversary who is just as willing to plumb the same depths, and to take any measures necessary to destroy anyone who stands against them, so that they can carry out their mission. They have no mercy, no conscience, no sense of morality whatsoever. They may as well don an SS uniform when they go to work in the morning; their souls as just as dark. And just like the Third Reich, things are only going to get worse from here on in. The policies of the political elite will only become more radical as time passes, and their lackeys will go to even greater lengths to ensure Gleichschaltung is enforced throughout their masters' regimes.

The only positive thing, more than a decade after 9/11, is that some people are finally beginning to realise the true nature of the struggle we are all involved in - whether we like it or not.

As a great man once said ...

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