Refuting the charge of racism (again)

Once again the absurd notion that criticism of Islamic ideology and doctrines is "racist" is undermined by the fact that (according to ITV, The Sun etc.) Richard Dart, an Englishman who is as white as a pint of milk, converted to Islam some time ago and in the news today it is reported that he has been arrested in a "terror raid" along with five others, over "suspected plots on UK targets".

This guy Dart appeared in a rather disturbing documentary not long ago, entitled "My brother the Muslim". In that film, Mr. Dart made it clear to his brother (who was making the documentary) that he put Islam before his family.

Mr. Dart has also been exposed as a scrounger, who lived off the British taxpayer at one time in a high-end flat overlooking a canal in London. Other residents in the same area paid over £400 000 for their property, but Mr. Dart (according to The Sun) merely sucked off the taxpayer's teat, and (as the aforementioned documentary showed) spent his time agitating for sharia law to be implemented in the UK.

Richard Dart aka "Sallahuddin"
Once again the absurdity of the multicultists' claim that anyone who criticises the teachings of Islam is "racist" is exposed for all to see. No CJ blogger will support the activities of Mr. Dart simply because he is white. And Mr. Dart's beliefs and activities are not criticised because Mr. Dart is "Asian" (obviously, he's not.) The attempts by multicultists to link any criticism of Islamic doctrines and history to the colour of a believer's skin make no sense at all in this instance, just as the assertion of "racism" is not a sensible response on any other occasion when Islamic teachings are criticised.

Imagine if a couple of young lads, let's say they're EDL members, are aboard a tube heading for one of the Olympic events, and an English convert to Islam comes aboard wearing a rucksack, which happens to be filled with explosives, and he starts yelling out the takbir and waving a detonation switch about. You'd better believe that those EDL lads, and every other non-Muslim aboard that train, won't be thinking to themselves, "Oh dearie me, that fellow is about to blow us all to bits, but never mind, he's white, so it's okay, there's nothing to concern ourselves about at all ..."

The problem won't be the colour of the terrorist's skin. It's that he (or she) has given themselves over the the moon god and want to murder innocent people in order to serve him. Maybe if a devout multicultist is aboard that same train, they'll manage to persuade the terrorist to abandon his beliefs by offering to hold hands with him and singing Kumbaya. That's bound to work, eh ...

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Findalis said...

I expect for another Munich style massacre at the Olympics this time. In fact not only will Israelis be killed, but the IOC will kick Israel out of the Olympics for good.

Any bets on this happening?

Nick said...

There have been a rash of arrests lately in the UK, and there are SAM missiles being set up in residential sites around London (really!) so who knows what could happen during the Olympics. Anything's possible.