One more Islamic atrocity

There has been yet another terrorist attack, this time carried out against a bus carrying Israeli tourists in Bulgaria. The terrorist shot at the bus, and threw an explosive device at it. Reports say that four people were killed, and many more wounded. (Source: Times of Malta)

The terrorist has been named by some press outlets as one Mehdi Mohammad Ghezali, who is reportedly an "Algerian-Swedish" individual and a known "Islamist" who had previously been banged up for two years in Gitmo. (Source: RT) Prior to that stretch inside, Ghezali had attended an Islamic school and a mosque in the UK. (Source: Swedish Criminals)

Update: It has also been said in some press outlets that the perpetrator was not Mr. Ghezali, although so far as I can tell he has not surfaced and said, look I'm here living in Stockholm (or wherever he may be) which would definitely refute the assertions made in some media outlets once and for all. So a question mark currently remains over the identity of the bomber. It appears he had a false American drivers' licence, which may be something the authorities can check out. The Bulgarians have released CCTV footage of the individual, taken shortly before the attack:

Source: National Post

This is just one more instance of an act of terrorism against civilians who are going about their day. This time, it was a bus load of tourists. Not long ago in France, it was little kids going to school, and French soldiers withdrawing money from an ATM. There have in fact been thousands of such incidents since Sept 2001 - just check out the religionofpeace website.

Some people will say that not every Muslim is a terrorist, as if that explains something important about the world today. But not every German was a member of the Nazi party. And not every Nazi was a member of the Einsatzgruppen. That didn't help their victims in Poland much, and at the end of the day it didn't help anyone else much, either. We still ended up in a world war.

Meanwhile, the American President refuses to let any of his staff say the words "Islamic terrorism" and insists that having discussions with Iran will lead to Iran not building nuclear weapons to use against Israel.

Remember Munich 1938!

Any citizen who even thinks about voting for Obama, the American Chamberlain, in November needs their head examined. After war broke out, Chamberlain was attacked by all and sundry, Lord Halifax took a step backward, and everyone understood that there was only one man capable of leading Great Britain in a time of war - Winston Churchill.

America - Where is your Winston Churchill?

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Findalis said...

I fear that the Sheeple will be lulled by his golden voice. Then it will take an armed conflict to regain our nation.