America and Israel

The man who hopefully, will take over the American Presidency after Obama is given his P45 by the American public, has visited Israel, and he made it pretty clear that normal business will be resumed post-November. Romney stated that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, which is a welcome assertion from any prominent political figure, and openly supported Israel in their fight against Iran's nuclear programme. "Oh-bummer" on the other hand, has taken the stance that sanctions and talks with Iran must be given time to work (i.e. he doesn't want Israel to rock the boat & force him to take a stand prior to November). As if talks and sanctions are something new that should be given a chance before we can say they are ineffective. But talks with Iran have been taking place for years 1, 2, 3 And here we are.

If talks with Iran have not prevented them from getting this far with their nuclear programme, then it is irrational to expect such measures to work now, when Iran's ultimate goal is so close.  If you decide to run a marathon, and someone offers you a bribe not to do it right at the start of the race - and you refuse - and they try again at the 5 mile mark - and you refuse - and they try again at the 10 mile mark - and you refuse - and they try once more at the 15 mile mark - and you refuse - then there's no way you're going to accept that same bribe when you've reached the last mile, and the finishing line is just around the next bend - and you know that. You're going to cross that line, come what may.

It follows that "Oh-bummer" is not only betraying Israel, but endangering the whole free world by allowing Iran to continue develop WMD. That would not only allow Iran to attack Israel, but would forever alter the balance of power in the Middle East. Maybe that's what he wants.

It'll be one of the greatest day in world history, if the American public wakes up and votes "Oh-bummer" out in the upcoming election. The only question is how much damage he'll manage to do to America, Israel and the rest of the non-islamic world before he gets the sack.

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Findalis said...

Unless Romney is elected we can expect Obama to appease his Muslim masters by attacking Israel in the hope of destroying that nation.

Nick said...

You know something, I wouldn't put anything past him.

Remember him being caught off camera saying to the Russians that after he got elected in again (& the American voters couldn't touch him) he'd bend over for the Russians very happily.

Who knows what is going through his mind regarding the Middle East - & how he'd really, deep down, like things to be over there.