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I have an update on a story posted earlier at Patriot's Corner. (See link.)  A young woman who was married to one of the London 7/7 bombers is now the prime suspect in a terrorist attack in Kenya. (Source: Daily Mail)

This young lady, you will notice if you click on the link to Daily Mail, is as white as a pint of milk. She met Germaine Lindsay, one of the 7/7 bombers, in an Islamic chatroom while she was studing religion at the SOAS in London.

Lewthwaite originally denied that her spouse had taken part in the 7/7 terrorist attacks. After the British police produced forensic evidence confirming his identity, she said that she "abhorred" the attacks, her husband's mind had been "poisoned" by "radicals" and said the day would come when she would have to tell her children what Lindsay had done. (Source: BBC News)

 Now there has been an horrific grenade attack at a bar in Mombasa during the recent England-Italy football match, and Lewthwaite is wanted by the Kenyan authorities in connection with this new attack. I wonder what she's going to tell the children now ...

It's worth noting in connection with this latest Islamic terrorist attack that the suspect is white, that the ideology Lewthwaite has accepted is found between the covers of the Koran, and that Islamic ideology is obviously not a race of people. Hence, any criticism of Lewthwaite's motives, or the motives of any other Islamic terrorist, has nothing whatsoever to do with the issue of race.

You will find no CJ blogger praising this latest terrorist outrage for any reason, let alone because one of the suspects is white. Any morally sane person will criticise the beliefs of the perpetrators of such terrorist attacks, because those beliefs are what is driving their murderous behaviour. It's rather simple, really. Journalists and politicians who try to turn legitimate criticism of Islamic doctrines into a question of race only reveal their own twisted prejudices.

Maybe they'd alter their thinking if a bunch of journalists, or politicians, were sitting in a bar (surely not!) watching an England game and a white, English convert to the religion of peace threw a grenade in there at half-time. And they needn't bother thinking it could never happen.

As any CJ blogger worth his salt would tell them - it could!

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PISSED said...

OT..Hi, did you ever hear from Copius Gasser? Just wondering.

Findalis said...

Nick if you are a racist then I am the Pope. And I don't see anyone calling me Your Holiness.

PatriotUSA said...

It is not racist nor is about one's skin color even though that is what many will make of this, except those of us in the CJ.

That said is it any wonder the perversion of islam is so prevalent in the parts of the world that it is?

If you see my comment as RACIST, bring it on you, stinking islamosympathyzing, brainwashed ignorant fools.

Nick said...

I sent Copious Gasser an email too but haven't heard from him. I don't know what's happened there, hope he's ok.

And the race card, yes that gets played by people in the media, we're all familiar with the smears aimed at the EDL for example. Rather than address the actual issues, the press just label those boys as " far right" and you even have David Cameron trying to smear the EDL, rather than 'fess up to what's going on in our country.

So it's useful to have a couple of cases to refer to, such as this one, white suspect: condemned. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a black lassie: supported. A quick and easy way to refute any assertion that criticising Islamic doctrines has anything to do with race.

Also shows that converts from our own countries can be just as far gone as anyone - so more mosques and less churches in our own countries- is that a good thing? Well, no. the chances of producing an individual like Lewthwaite, a "home grown" crackerjack, & them going off the deep end are increased. And as the original article says, try building a church in an Islamic country. Good luck with that project!

Nick said...

that should read "other article" ...