Having ISP problems to add to the fun and Happy Father's Day!

Just a quick note that no, I am not dead. Just very overwhelmed with work and way too much pain which is seriously debilitating me and what I can do.

Plus now having ISP issues and they will not be here until tomorrow. Think our modem is dying. Everything is taking forever to upload, download and it is NOT worth fighting with this issue to do posts. Our internet is like dial up slow. No bugs or malware and ISP agreed to a service call. Will get fixed or we will be switching ISP providers. Utterly ridiculous.

If others contributors have the time please post some items and I will be sure to share them on FB, FT, RTR and Twitter.

If I am able to, I will toss up some posts as there are 'windows' when the
internet sorta works.

Sorry for the problems, most irritating and just makes me really grumpy.

BTW: HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the dad's out there, who are the real deal. You know who you are and so does your family!

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Findalis said...

I do hope that your Father's Day was a memorable one. And that you received more than a tie.

PatriotUSA said...

Yes, it was a good one with our daughter home for the summer.

Drank beer, smoked ceegars and worked in the yard and was generally left alone.

I need little anymore except love of my family and the above essentials.

Have not gotten a tie in years but work clothes. absolutely as I seldom buy anything for myself.

Thanks for remembering me, Findalis.

Nick said...

I've turned my mobile into a wi-fi hotspot and I've slaved my iPad to that so that I can check out Patriot's Corner right now.

Far from ideal but it works, kind of. There's a local filling station that opens in just over an hour (6am) which has a coffee machine and a free wi-fi hotspot, so I might log on to that later on .. on the other hand I might have some actual work to do.

It's been a long week & I can't wait for 8am to roll around, that'll be me off for a week, I'll have part two of that post I put up about "creeping to dachau" done at some point during the week, hopefully.

Nick said...

my hardware problem right now is my laptop, I'm getting a message saying my hard drive is about to fail, I've backed up all my music, documents etc so if it goes it won't be a catastrophic event, but still, it wasn't long ago that I bought it, under a year certainly. Of course I can't find the receipt, so if it goes it goes ..

Nick said...

Speaking of beer I discovered recently that you can buy Maltese beer on Amazon. I' m trying to get someone to drink a few cans & tell me what it tasted like ...

I never could have a few beers ... I always wanted like, a LOT ... when you're having Tartan Special with your cornflakes to set you up for the day, you know all is not well inside your brain.

Nick said...

Talking of work clothes one of the good things about my job is you can pretty much please yourself what you wear. I went online & bought heaps of Canterbury (from New Zealand) gear recently, had to like, so I'm wearing Canterbury "uglies" just now, trackies & sweatshirt, of course I've had to wear loose fitting trackies the last few weeks due to my throbbing gonads ... this Canterbury gear is pretty good though, I can recommend it to anyone looking for some decent sports gear.

Nick said...

Well now I know that the hotspot at the filling station works!

PatriotUSA said...

Thanks Nick, I volunteer to drink the Maltese beer for you.

Things are better with a new modem but pain is horrid and will email you later today, tonight.

Madelyn Halley said...

HAPPY'S FATHER'S DAY to all of Daddy's out there....... better late than to never great you.... ;-)