We Will Not Be Silent

The murders committed by Mohamed Merah in Toulouse have been forgotten by the mainstream media. The shootings were covered at the time, as was Merah’s subsequent suicide by cop. Acts of Islamic terrorism do appear in the press if a mujahid is successful and someone dies. If it bleeds, it leads.

But there's more to the Toulouse shootings than a young man from a run-down banlieue who ‘self-radicalised’ then went on a killing spree. The Toulouse shootings are one more instance of Islamic terrorist attacks being carried out around the world against so-called 'soft targets'.

Once it became known that the murders had been carried out by a mujahid, the French authorities acted, and detained several men connected to the banned Islamic group Forsane Alizza. One of those men was Willie Brigitte, who is well known in both France and Australia.1,2

Willie Brigitte had travelled to Australia in May 2003, having previously attended a training camp in Pakistan run by the Islamic terrorist group LeT (Lashkar-e-Taiba.) Once Brigitte arrived in Australia, he established contact with Faheem Khalid Lodhi, another individual whose name is known in Australia.3,4

In October 2003, Lodhi's home and workplace were raided by the Australian police and ASIO (the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation) and evidence was obtained which incriminated Lodhi in a terrorist plot: Four military training manuals on explosives and weapons, a document written in Urdu containing recipes for poisons and explosives, and several poems glorifying martyrdom.4,5 One disc found in Lodhi's possession was described as 'a virtual library encouraging the reader to undertake violent jihad'.4

Lodhi also had in his possession photographs of Holsworthy Army Base, Victoria Barracks, HMAS Penguin at Mosman (home to Balmoral Naval Hospital)6 and a map of the national electricity grid. Other documents indicated that Lodhi had attempted to source chemicals required to prepare explosives.7 Lodhi was arrested and in June 2006 was found guilty of three separate terrorist offences.4,7

The contact between Lodhi and Willie Brigitte had been arranged by an individual known as 'Sajid', who had met Lodhi met at a mosque in Pakistan in 2002 and again in 2003.4 Willie Brigitte met 'Sajid' at the Lashkar-e-Taiba training camp.5 Australian authorities were satisfied by the evidence they uncovered that 'Sajid' had arranged for Lodhi and Brigitte to meet in Sydney so they could explore the possibility of committing acts of terrorism in Australia.4

Willie Brigitte was arrested and extradited to France, where he was found guilty of 'criminal association linked to a terrorist enterprise'. Brigitte received a sentence of nine years, but since the time he had spent in pre-trial detention was taken into account when calculating the length of his sentence, he was released in 2009.1,2

Three years down the line, and Willie Brigitte has been detained again, with other members of Forsane Alizza, a group described by Bernard Squarcini, the head of the DCRI counterespionage agency in France, as 'a veritable danger'.1,2,8

Like many people nowadays, Mohamed Merah used social networking sites. He signed off from his internet life as 'Mohamed Merah - Forsane Alizza'.9

Before he commited the acts of jihad that brought him infamy in Europe and Israel, Mohamed Merah travelled to several Islamic countries in the Middle East. Merah is reported to have trained with the Taliban and to have fought against NATO troops.9,10,11,12

Abdelkader Merah, Mohamed's sibling, is reported to have helped smuggle jihadis into Iraq in 200710 and to have been involved with the terrorist group Jund-al-Kilafah.13 Abdelkader Merah has been formally charged with 'complicity in murder' by the French authorities, in connection with Mohamed's crimes.14

Nicolas Sarkozy said following these acts of Islamic terrorism that it is the state's duty to guarantee the security of the French people. As he put it, 'We have no choice. It's absolutely indispensable.'15,16 Sarkozy has also said that 'The values of France have been attacked.' And as French President, Sarkozy said: 'We must be implacable in defending our values.'9

This is not the first time that Western values have been violated by French Muslims in the most brutal manner. In January 2006, a young man named Ilan Halimi arranged a date with a woman he’d met in the shop where he worked. She was a member of 'The Barbarians', a gang who lay in wait for Halimi that night and kidnapped him. Over the next three weeks, Halimi was held in a basement and tortured to death. Verses from the Koran were read as ransom demands were made on the internet. Beaten, stabbed and burned over four fifths of his body, Halimi was eventually found handcuffed and abandoned in a field. He died on the way to hospital.

When Ilan Halimi was murdered, the Simon Wiesenthal Center sent a message to Nicolas Sarkozy, who was at that time the interior minister, saying, 'These acts are a test for Europe. Jihadi violence, hatred and anti-Semitism must be prevented from taking root in French soil.'  Sarkozy replied that antisemitic violence is 'not inevitable' in France, and he considered combating it to be 'a moral imperative.'17

The measures taken by the French authorities are appropriate and necessary. The men connected to the banned group Forsane Alizza who were arrested15,16 were found to be in possession of 'an impressive lot' of firearms, including Kalashnikov rifles.1,8 Thirteen of them ended up facing charges of criminal association linked to a terrorist network and of obtaining and transporting firearms.18,19,20

According to French interior minister Claude Gueant, there are other groups in France whose members have the 'desire' and 'enthusiasm' to avenge the death of Mohamed Merah. Guaent has advised the French public to be 'vigilant and attentive.'21

The French authorities have not arrested every Muslim living in France, because clearly not everyone living in France who would call themselves a Muslim poses an immediate threat to the lives of French citizens, the security of the country, or the values of French society. However, the logical observation must be made that all of the recent suspects who were deemed by the French authorities to pose a threat to France are, as a matter of fact, Muslims.

Willie Brigitte only started down the path to Islamic terrorism after he converted to Islam in 1998. He attended a mosque in Paris and has reportedly said that the hadith relating to jihad played a large part in what was taught in that mosque.22

Mohamed Merah reportedly told the French officers tasked with taking him down that he had decided to take up arms against the West and ultimately to commit acts of terrorism against French citizens after he read the Koran in prison.23, 24, 25

The fact that Mohamed Merah read the Koran when he was in jail between 2007 and 200910 was presented by the French authorities as evidence that Merah was not part of a group of Islamic terrorists in 2012, but that clearly does not follow.

The only conclusion that can be reached from Mohamed Merah's testimony prior to his suicide by cop is that the inspiration for his terrorism came from the pages of the foundational text of Islam, the Koran.

Of course, human beings don’t need to look between the covers of the Koran to find reasons to kill one another. If anyone doubts that, a visit to the Imperial War Museum in London will open their eyes.

The legacy of World War II is still with us, and that legacy needs to be understood properly. Unfortunately, as the journalist Caroline Glick has argued in her book Shackled Warrior, much of Europe’s moral sickness stems from a flawed perception of World War II.26

Militarism and nationalism are today condemned, without argument. The well of discourse is poisoned by labelling any dissenting voices as ‘right-wing’. Pacifism, appeasement and globalism are preached endlessly.

But the lesson to be taken from World War II is not that we must pursue a policy of pacifism and appeasement, no matter how much that might cost us. Nor is it that we must hand over control of our nation states to transnational entities run by anonymous oligarchies.

The cause of the war was not nationalism per se. After all, there were nation states who stood against the Nazis. It was Germany’s embrace of evil, and the inability of the leaders of other countries to identify that evil and to stand against it.

As Winston Churchill said repeatedly in his book The Gathering Storm, the refusal of British politicians to face unpleasant facts and to deal with the evil forces arising in Hitler’s empire led to a world of horror and misery that was almost beyond conception.27

In his authoritative history of World War II, Martin Gilbert writes of a Nazi soldier who, while transporting Jewish familes from one area in Poland to another, threw a three year old child into the snow to die. When the mother tried to save her child, the soldier threatened to shoot her with a revolver. The mother said she would rather die than leave her child alone. The soldier then offered to kill everyone else in her wagon instead, and leave her alive. The mother arrived in Warsaw without her child, whereupon the woman lost her sanity. As Gilbert says, this incident, and many others like it, does not indicate that German militarism had prevailed over Poland, but that evil had triumphed over Germany.28

Seventy-two years later, Mohamed Merah carried out an Islamic terrorist attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse. One of his victims was an eight year old girl who he chased across the schoolyard before executing her with a .45 pistol.29

Mohamed Merah was described by Nicolas Sarkozy thus: 'There are beings who have no respect for life. When you grab a little girl to put a bullet in her head, without leaving her any chance, you are a monster.'29

The acclaimed historian Niall Ferguson said that he could not bear to picture Mohamed Merah commiting that act of infanticide, and labelled what Merah did an 'act of savagery'.9

Islamic terrorists like Mohamed Merah are the tip of the spear; one need only look at Islamic communities around the world to see how non-Islamic values are not respected by Muslims living under shariah law, are not even tolerated, but are instead attacked at every opportunity using the most barbarous techniques.

The violent persecution of Christians, and the denial of their civil and religious liberties throughout the world, was discussed at some length during a debate last May in Westminster Hall, the oldest building on the Parliamentary estate in the United Kingdom.

David Simpson MP spoke about the horrendous crimes committed by Muslims against non-Muslims on the African continent; Tony Baldry MP spoke about 'a system of religious repression' in parts of northern Nigeria which is implemented by Muslims and based on shariah; Jim Shannon MP said that 'deadly religious violence' is commonplace in Nigeria, and cited several barbaric crimes perpetrated by Muslims against non-Muslims.

In an attack upon the village of Byie on 17th March 2010, twelve Christians, including a pregnant woman, were murdered. The perpetrators were Muslims who had entered the village armed with guns and machetes. Just days before the debate at Westminster Hall took place, some five hundred Christians had been murdered by Muslims in the villages of Rastat, Dogo Nahawa and Zat. The Islamic warriors set fire to the homes of their “soft targets” and lay in wait at the villages’ exit points. Some used animal traps and nets to catch their victims. The Muslims murdered entire families while shouting out the takbir. Many children were macheted in their necks and their heads, at least one child was scalped, and many were burned to death. Staff working for Christian Solidarity Worldwide counted the bodies of four babies and twenty eight children younger than five years old in just one of the villages.30

There have been many attacks carried out by Muslims in Nigeria since then. The Islamic group Boko Haram routinely targets churches as they perpetrate acts of Islamic terrorism against non-Muslims.31

It is not known to what extent Muslims living in European countries support such practices, or genuinely believe in the ideology that drives them. In the run-up to the elections, the news station France24 managed to find three 'integrated' Muslims who were critical of their co-religionists who try to impose Islamic values upon the society they’ve all chosen to come and live in.32

Let’s grant for the sake of argument that there are Muslims currently living in European countries who don’t want to attack Western values, don’t want to murder anyone, and don’t support other Muslims who do. The problem we are faced with is that these so-called 'moderate' Muslims are impotent. Since 9/11, they have proven to be powerless to stop acts of Islamic terrorism, or to defeat the underlying ideology which drives them.

The ideology of the Nazis may have found its most coherent fulfilment in the organised attempt to commit genocide upon the Jewish people, as Sir Max Hastings recently asserted.33 But the Nazis inflicted suffering upon their own people too. From the beginning of Hitler’s reign, a dissenting voice in Germany could expect to do hard time in Dachau. And we know the fate of the members of The White Rose.

Islam takes criticism about as well as the Nazis did. The penalties under shariah can certainly be similar.34 So it's not difficult to understand why so few 'moderate' Muslims are willing to stand up for the values of their host countries.

Fear of a violent Islamic backlash has effectively silenced the mainstream media, just as it has silenced most Western politicians. If powerful people and institutions dare not speak out against Islam, it's no wonder that the same prospect of violent retribution serves to keep individual members of the ummah in line.

If any European state fails to protect its citizens against evil, and worse, it actively prevents its own citizens from either naming that evil or discussing the provenance of that evil, then that state is not fit for purpose.

In Greater Manchester, nine Muslim have recently been jailed for a total of seventy seven years on multiple counts of sexual assault, rape and trafficking young women for sexual exploitation.35 A separate police investigation in Oxford has resulted in multiple arrests of Muslim men on charges of child rape, trafficking and threats to kill.36,37

These crimes have been taking place in Britain for many years, and both the mainstream media and our elected politicians have been afraid to speak openly about it, because doing so would contravene the fundamental beliefs of cultural relativism.38,39

If a state actively prevents the development of the practical and moral capacities residing within human beings, if it interferes with the progress of the human spirit by denying its own citizens the ability to seek what is good and to reject what is evil, then it is reprehensible and injurious.

The longer such a political system endures, the more harmful it is to the people it is supposed to serve. Individuals may become so corrupt that they abandon the will to act in order to preserve that which is good in their own cultures.40

Fortunately, there are people in the West who have spent sufficient time researching the doctrines and the history of Islam to have an accurate understanding of what is happening in our world today. Individuals like Geert Wilders and Ayaan Hirsi Ali having been telling the truth about Islam for years. And what they write and say is believed by many people who do not dare to express themselves as they do.

There has always been evil in the world. The civilised world stood against it when it manifested itself in Europe through Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. But the evil that fuelled Nazism was not, and never will be, defeated by human beings.

We must address the moral challenge that confronts our generation. If Islamic terrorism is still ongoing more than a decade after 9/11, and there's no prospect of 'moderate' Muslims living in European countries preventing acts of Islamic terrorism from being attempted, or defeating the Islamic doctrines which demand that those acts of terrorism be committed, then we have to protect our own communities.

If we choose to remain silent, then that won't just enable those in power who hope to change our countries into amoral, submissive societies. It will have consequences for each of us as individuals. But the poison of cultural relativism can be resisted and overcome. The truth can be understood and spoken aloud.

The words of Winston Churchill, our greatest Briton,41 serve as a reminder to us all that we must stand up to the darkness of our age.42 If we can take that message to heart, then our own Judeo-Christian civilisation can still move forward, and we may yet catch sight of those broad, sunlit uplands.


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