What war on terror?

Just a brief update on the war on terror, which of course isn't called that any more, and which definitely isn't being fought by violent Islamists against those of us living in the free world, no sir, no way, no how (just ask Eric Holder). Of course Osama bin Laden's dead, so it's game over, right? Americans can show their appreciation by voting in the preternaturally gifted Barry O once again and giving him a free hand for four long years, thereby ensuring worldwide peace and prosperity during that time, and none of us will have anything to worry about any more.

Meanwhile in the real world ...

A new underwear bomb plot has been thwarted by the CIA in Yemen. Apparently the would-be mass murderer had a set of drawers that would go bang during a flight, but didn't get the chance to buy a ticket before being apprehended. Sources: Sky News, Fox News.

In Scotland, Naserdine Menni, an alleged associate of the Stockholm bomber Taimour Abdulwahab, is on trial for conspiring to further terrorist aims by criminal means. Sources: Telegraph, Daily Record.

Abdulwahab, the Stockholm bomber, was from Luton. Recently another five men were arrested in Luton and four of them, Zahid Iqbal, Mohammed Ahmed, Umar Arshad and Syed Hussain, have been charged with terrorism-related offences. Sources: Scotsman, Telegraph.

In a separate operation, British police recently arrested seven people for allegedly smuggling khat into the United States, and using the proceeds to fund terrorism. The suspects are believed to be Somalis and Yemenis who were living in Britain. Source: Telegraph, Reuters.

In Birmingham, a 21 year old named Kamran Ahmed has recently been charged with six terrorism-related offences. Ahmed had been lifted last year, and after a "lengthy investigation" by the West Midlands Counter-Terrorism Unit, he has now been formally charged. Sources: BBC News, Birmingham Mail.

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