Clegg can't help himself

Clegg, who defines himself as a "passionate Liberal and pro-European" just can't bring himself to say that the European project was doomed from the get-go, and what's happening in Greece isn't a surprise to anyone. Clegg's latest load of political doublespeak and attempted blame-shifting is that when his own beloved European fantasy comes crashing to the ground and burns up in a massive financial conflagration, "we will have a whole range of nationalistic, extremist, xenophobic and populist movements increasing across Europe." Source: Telegraph

Oh dearie me, people voting for political parties which start their whole philosophies off from completely different premises than Clegg and his fellow professional riders of the European gravy train - we can't have that can we? Not even if the European fantasy foisted upon ordinary citizens by elitists like Clegg and Cameron turns out to be an unworkable mess; one that leads to financial disaster and debt anywhere and everywhere you look; one that prevents British rail companies from getting contracts from the British government because the European "rules" mean that the contract has to go to the Germans.

No, no, let's think up some nasty code words to stick on anyone who might start speaking the truth about what politicians like Clegg have been doing to us for years! They're saying that Greece leaving the Euro would be a disaster, but it would just be one part of the larger ongoing disaster which taxpayers have had to finance against their wishes, and which career politicians like Clegg have fantasised about for years.

"European Union" is an oxymoron. Always has been, always will be.

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Findalis said...

It is fun yet scary to watch Europe implode. In Greece we are seeing what happens when Nanny state runs out of money. In France we see the horrors of Multi-culturalism. And in Belgium and Great Britain we see the result of unchecked immigration.

Are we looking at our own future or can we take the warning of what we can become?

Nick said...

Living up in the frozen north, you can kind of insulate yourself from the goings-on down south in England, to some extent. Still, it's obvious to anyone with eyes to see that the country's going to hell in a handbasket.

I've seriously discussed emigrating. The problem then becomes - to where? My cousin went off to live in Australia, and he had to meet extremely strict criteria; I wouldn't manage to pull that off because I'm too old now, & I don't really fancy it anyway.

I could use the fact that you can move freely around Europe to my advantage & shift base to another European country, but that's an out of the frying pan scenario, pretty much.

As for America, it seems to me that since 9/11 America has gone in the direction of supporting Islam and cutting Israel adrift, and her fortunes have shifted accordingly.

Big picture-wise, I think we have some interesting times ahead.

Nick said...

Yes, it seems to me that immediately post 9/11, you would have thought that ten plus years down the line, America would be standing alongside Israel and the Islamic world would have been put in their place long ago.

Instead we have the opposite, and as for Barry O sucking up to Islam the way he does that's enough to make your stomach turn.

The further America gets from supporting Israel, and that means among other things, standing up to Islam, the worse everything in America gets. Funny that eh ...

PatriotUSA said...


You room is ready and waiting, my friend.

People like you emigrating to our country is positive immigration. Not like the mussie scum bags the mullah in the White House keeps letting in.

So, if you change your mind the bed is turned down and we spoil our guests.