Mohamed Merah: The Koran Connection Continues

It is being reported that the mujahideen from Toulouse, Mohamed Merah, filmed his terrorist acts and that he sent the videos to Al Jazeera. Prior to sending the videos, Merah, or someone acting in concert with the murderer, had spliced his snuff movies together and added a soundtrack of music and readings from the Koran.

I know, I know, if Islam is a religion of peace, how can anyone "self-radicalise" by reading the Koran on their own, and then perpetrate several "man-caused disasters"? How is is possible to find readings taken from the foundational textbook of the religion of peace to accompany scenes of the most appalling bruality and violence? It's almost as if the religion of peace ... isn't.

Source: Sky News (accessed 23:48 GMT 26/03/12)

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