Mohamed Merah: It's All In The Koran

Mohamed Merah, the mujahideen from Toulouse, has explained where the motivation for his barbaric crimes came from. He "self radicalised in prison, on his own, reading the Koran", according to Bernard Squarcini, the head of DCRI, France's domestic intelligence agency. Merah has been referred to in the mainstream media as an "Islamist". Remove the suffix from that term and the root is exposed: Islam.

According to Squarcini, “He said, in any case, everything is in the Koran. So, he was not a member of a network.” Yet we know that while shooting down French soldiers Merah said, "You kill my brothers, I kill you." So clearly, Merah saw himself as a member of a network.

As a mujahideen, Mohamed Merah assassinated French soldiers because they had been fighting against Islam and the ummah. Merah shouted as he left the scene of his crime: "Allahu Akbhar". This is the takbir, the Islamic cry of victory and defiance.

The more that the mainstream media and the French authorities claim that there was no reason to arrest Merah before his recent acts of terrorism, that there was nothing troubling about him travelling to Afghanistan or Pakistan, that he did not match the politically correct template of someone who caused man-made disasters, and that this was all just a big shock to everyone, the more important becomes Merah's own explanation for his behaviour: He "self-radicalised" on his own by reading the Koran.

It's now being reported that Mohamed's brother, Abdelkader Merah, has been charged by French police, that Muslims have desecrated Jewish graves in towns throughout France, and that riot police have been called out to several banlieues to deal with demonstrations that are being held in support of Mohamed Merah.

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