French Muslims "surprised" that al-Qaradawi has been denied entry to France

As has already been reported on this blog, the Islamic preacher Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi has been told he's not welcome in France. The Islamic group UOIF (Union of French Islamic Organisations) have expressed "surprise" at this move, which came following the recent terrorist attacks of Mohamed Merah. Merah reportedly signed off on a final internet post he made as "Mohamed Merah - Forsane Alizza". Forsane Alizza are a banned Islamic group, one of several said to have links with the mujahideen of Toulouse.

Sources: Sofia News (accessed 09:06 GMT 28/03/12), National Post (accessed 09:07 GMT 28/03/12), KUNA (accessed 09:09 GMT 28/03/12)

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