Breaking News: Siege in France

It is being reported on Sky News just now that armed police in France are engaged in a siege with armed suspects in the city of Toulouse. It has been reported that the police believe the perpetrator of the recent murders in France is inside the target building.

The suspect is reported to be a 24 year old male, who has previously travelled to the border area between Afghanistan and Pakistan, and French news channel BFM TV is reported (on Sky) as saying that the suspects (plural) are linked to an Islamic terrorist group called Forsane Alizza.

As I write this, it is being reported on Sky that the police have arrested someone, but that the siege continues. It is not clear if the man reported as being arrested is the man suspected of the recent murders.

Update: According to BBC News at 05.30 GMT the suspect's brother is also "holed up" in the target building. Apparently the siege is not over yet ...

According to Al Jazeera at 05.30 GMT (thanks FreeSat) the French police have said that there are more operations in France under way right now. The French Interior Minister is reported on Al Jazeera as saying that the suspect claims links to Al Qaeda

Update: It is being reported on France 24 at 05.49 GMT that three police officers have been injured, and that the siege is still ongoing.

Note that Forsane Alizza is described as "an extremist Islamist group" by KUNA, the Kuwaiti News Agency. It is reported that "the Muslim group"(as they refer to them) has previously been prosecuted in France for "inciting national, racial and religious discrimination" and have also "publicly espoused violence" against public officials.

The French Interior Minister is being reported on Sky News just now (05.55 GMT) as saying that the suspect is French, from Toulouse.

Update: CNN are saying that the suspected gunman is "cornered" in a house, and that the French police are trying to negotiate with him.  Apparently he is heavily armed, and attempts at negotiation have so far failed. CNN are also saying that there is a link between the 24 year old suspect and the banned group Forsane Alizza.

CNN are now saying (at 06.07 GMT) that the suspect's brother has been arrested, and that it is thought that he was involved in the recent atrocities in France.

Update: On France 24 just now (06.26 GMT), the French Interior Minister has just been reported as describing the suspect as a "mujahideen". According the the Encyclopedia Brittanica, that term is used to refer to "those Muslims who proclaim themselves warriors for the faith".

Source: Sky News (accessed 05:00 - 05:19 GMT 21/03/12), KUNA (accessed 05.50 GMT 21/03/12)

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