Sarkozy gets tough

19 Muslims connected with the banned Islamic group Forsane Alizza have been arrested in France. Nicolas Sarkozy has said that such operations will continue, and that will allow France to expel from French territory people who have no business being in the country to begin with.

According to Sarkozy, " The Minister of the Interior and the Minister of Foreign Affairs have taken the decision to forbid a certain number of predators on French soil. We don't want people who have values contrary to those of the Republic being invited on French territory."

Marine Le Pen was quoted in the FT two days ago as saying: "How many Mohamed Merahs are there in the boats and the aeroplanes that arrive every day in France full of immigrants? How many Mohamed Merahs among the children of those non-assimilated immigrants?"  Given Sarkozy's recent comments, these appear to be quite legitimate questions. Floriane Philipott, her campaign manager, says that whenever she speaks to ordinary people in France, they ask about immigration and security. Philipott says, "They are problems which are ever-present in French society."

It is well documented that Sarkozy has declared multiculturalism to be a failed concept, saying that France has been too concerned with the identity of the people entering France, and not concerned enough about her own values and way of life.

That was more than a year ago though. Now he's doing something about it?

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