NATO misses the point

At the Parwan detention centre near Bagram, suspected Talibanis were discovered sending messages to one another using books taken from the library. Yes, the inmates are held under such appalling conditions they have a library. And the men in black took advantage of that kindness by using the books they were allowed access to to send messages to one another.

The American military then took the books they were using from the library, thereby ending these dangerous prisoners' ability to communicate secretly with one another. A local Afghani is alleged to have spotted a copy of an Islamic textbook, the Koran, among the books as they were all about to be destroyed.

Cue pandemonium as Muslims in Afghanistan gather in a mob outside Parwan gaol and scream and shout about the possibility of one copy of their foundational textbook being burnt, and forget all about why it was being removed from the Talibanis' reach in the first place. Or why those guys are banged up to begin with. Or what they stand for.

General John Allen has issued an official apology, and promised that this will not happen again. Hamid Karzai, who's been in so-called power for how long now again, and achieved what exactly, has managed to condemn the incident, and the BBC, who naturally have given the Taliban an opportunity to air their views, were told by the men in black that the incident would hurt the feelings of a billion Muslims around the world.

Strangely enough, no one has asked what exactly those suspected Talibanis were doing to the textbooks in the first place. If they were sending messages it's reasonable to suppose that they were adding something to what was already there. And apparently “documents containing extremist inscriptions” were what was removed from the Parwan library.

Defacing the Koran, with messages of hate, intolerance and violence? Find and dandy. No problemo for the ummah. Removing an already defaced Koran from the prison library, a document which black-clothed practitioners of murder and hate who have “hijacked” the ummah's true religion in the name of death, have already scribbled on and dishonoured? Apparently, that's just not on.

What is wrong with this picture?

Source: BBC News (accessed 18.22 GMT 21/02/12)

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Findalis said...

Nothing is wrong with what the troops did. In fact I find nothing is wrong with this picture: http://i285.photobucket.com/albums/ll62/Findalis/koranflush.jpg

Do you?

PatriotUSA said...

Nothing to complain about here at all. Should be done intentionally more often, like say oh the mussie high holy day of Friday, in front of some mosques for extra aded effects.

Perfect timing is everything and there is NEVER a bad time to destroy a qur'an.