Islamic "militant" is captured on Basilan

An individual named Abdulpattah Ismael, described as an islamic "militant" and allegedly a member of Abu Sayyaf, has been captured on the Philippine island of Basilan. Abu Sayyaf was allegedly founded with seed money from AQ, and is in cahoots with JI. The group is held to be responsible for acts of terrorism going back to 2004, including the bombing of a ferry in Manila which killed over 100 people.

This Abdul character has multiple murder charges laid against him, some of which reportedly involve his taking part in a raid  in 2007 which ended in the murder of 14 Marines. Ten of those Marines were beheaded. The perpetrator's sword arm must have been weary, after all that striking off of heads. Obviously Mr. Ismael and his merry band of "militants" have misunderstood the religion o'peace altogether.

Seven foreigners captured by Abu Sayyaf in recent years are thought to still be in captivity. Then again, maybe they're not.

Source: Herald Sun (accessed 15.43 GMT 22/02/12)

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