Teenage wife brutalised by Pakistani man

Salma Bibi, a 17 year old girl living in Pakistan, has told of the horror she has suffered at the hands of her own husband. Speaking from her hospital bed, she says that her husband beat her, then tied her to her bed and brought in a homemade razor, which he used to cut her face apart. Police initially refused to register her complaint, but now say that they will arrest her husband, Ghulam Qad-ir, if they find him.

There has long been a problem with men brutalising women in Pakistan, and although legislation has been proposed which would begin to address these terrible crimes, it has apparently been stalled as it makes its way through Pakistan's political system. According to the Times of Malta, the domestic violence bill was held up due to "objections from religious parties". I'm no expert in Pakistani politics, but according to other sources available online, it appears that the guy who threw a spanner in the works was Mohammad Khan Sheerani, a player in the JUI-F (Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam).

Ms. Bibi says that if she is not accorded some form of justice in this case, then she will immolate herself before the steps of the Supreme Court.

Sources: Times of Malta (accessed 11:45 GMT 20/12/11), MedIndia.net (accessed 11:50 GMT 20/12/11), news.com.au (accessed 12:42 GMT 20/12/11).

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Findalis said...

Why is she complaining? Under Shar'ia this is permissible in Islam and she should have striven harder to have pleased her husband who is he Lord and Master.

The little whore got what she deserved.

As long as women accept Islam and Shar'ia Law, then they deserve no pity, no protection from the police. The minute they leave Islam they must be fully protected from the creeps they were forced to marry.