Suspect arrested in acid attack

Police in Uganda have arrested a man in connection with the acid attack on Christmas Eve of Pastor Umar Mulinde of Gospel Life Church.

Pastor Mulinde has suffered facial burns, and doctors are doing everything they can to save the sight in his right eye.  The pastor has said that he has been threatened many times because he converted to Christianity from islam. He had been brought up in an islamic family, and his father had served as a local imam.

Now the pastor says that he was attacked by someone who yelled "Pastor, pastor" and when he turned round, they threw acid in his face. As he tried to shield his face, another attacker poured acid on him from behind, and yelled out the takbir before running away.

Police say they are trying to establish the motives of the attackers.

Source: New Vision (accessed 15:41 GMT 26/12/11).

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Findalis said...

How about throwing acid in the perps face?

PatriotUSA said...

Seems to me that perhaps they should start by tossing acid on his crotch and working their way up.

The ones to dispense the acid should be women who have survived rape and other atrocities, committed by muslim men who just'followed' the qur'an and marching orders as laid down by the king of all pedophiles, mohammad.