SAS ready for terrorist attacks

The Scottish Ambulance Service has developed three quick response teams, to be based in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow, which will be able to respond to terrorist attacks in Scotland.

These specially trained crews will be able to go right inside a hot zone should the worst ever occur within our borders. We've had the attack at Glasgow Airport, but that was small potatoes at the end of the day. (see link)

The big concern up in the frozen north is that an attack will take place within the oil industry in some way. Explosives, radio-active materials, and oil. Yes, we have the potential to hear a big bang up in this corner of the world. You'd probably hear it in America if we ever did!

Mind you I know someone who worked at St. Fergus for a lot of years and he told me that years ago, there was a false alarm and suddenly these cars appeared out of nowhere with hordes of guys with handlebar moustaches, checked shirts and guns. Apparently, even all those years ago, the "other" SAS had a watching brief on the oil & gas installations in the NE.

Any young Islamist who fancies his chances & thinks he's hard enough to pull of a "spectacular" in the NE would do well to remember the prisoners at Peterhead who thought they'd extract the urine back in 87. Maggie sent in the SAS, & once the real hard men arrived on the scene, they settled the prisoners' hash, right quick! (see link)

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Anonymous said...

"... able to respond to terrorist attacks in Scotland." - Oh they prepare in case Tony Blair pays the Scots a visit?