Bedlam in Belgium - update

A quick update on yesterday's events in Belgium. The news in the UK today is that a body of a woman has been found at the home of the alleged perpetrator, one Nordine Amrani. One could (apparently mistakenly) assume that the body was Amrani's spouse or girlfriend, if one only listened to the news on TV just now. But according to msn news, the newly discovered victim was Amrani's cleaner. Nothing is known about her at this time bar her gender.
Source: msn news

Further news of interest is that the alleged perpetrator appears to have a Muslim background. The name "Nordine" appears to be a common transliteration of the Arabic Muslim name "Nur ad-Din" which comes from "Nur" meaning light and "ad-Din" meaning of the faith. (The Islamic faith of course - none of that wishy-washy interfaith nonsense here.)
Source: Wikipedia

Daniele Reynders, apparently a prosecutor in the town of Leige, is on record as saying that terrorism was not the "driving force" behind the murderous actions of old "Nur ad-Din". However Ms. Reynders does not define her terms, so although she has apparently uttered the word, it cannot be known what she was referring to, when she uttered the word "terrorism". Reynders' statement is therefore empty of any real meaning. At this time then, the motives of "Nur ad-Din" remain mysterious.

Further update: Amrani appears to have quite a criminal record. He has apparently done time for drugs, weapons and "sexual abuse" convictions - no info. about the latter just now, but one cannot help but wonder about the possibility of Amrani being involved in "grooming" in some way. He certainly seems to have been capable of that - and worse. According to Wikipedia, Amrani had been found by Belgian police in possession of multiple firearms and other weapons, including (apparently) a rocket launcher and a sniper rifle, hence his earlier jail sentence.
Sources: Washington Post,  Wikipedia.

There is no legitimate reason for a resident of Liege in Belgium, of all places, to own a rocket launcher or a sniper rifle. What on earth would they be for - to shoot the annoying pigeons off the windowsill so their coo-ing wouldn't get in the way of watching TV? Get real. Never mind the potential illegality of it all. Still, there's no possible connection to "terrorism" here ... so we're told.  That'll be true then, eh? Just don't ask what "Nur ad-Din" actually did with all those guns, and don't ask what he did with his money, either. Shhh... don't ask ... don't ask ...

I'd like to think that the mainstream media would spend as much time and effort investigating the background - and the reading habits - of "Nur ad-Din" as they did to Anders "Bonkers" Breivik. It would be rather interesting to find out what old "Nur ad-Din" read in his spare time. Call me cynical, but I'm pretty sure they won't bother. Surface level coverage only please, and come the middle of next week, we'll hear no more about it.

Update at 14:38 UK time - According to the BBC, the alleged perpetrator of yesterday's attack in Leige had a lawyer who apparently represented him in connection with at least some of his previous troubles with the Belgian law.  According to this lawyer character, Amrani had telephoned him several times prior to carrying out his attack and said that he had been questioned by the Belgian police about an abduction. Apparently "Nur ad-Din" thought that he was being "picked on" by the Belgian police and he "had a grievance against the law". He was due to be questioned again by police on the day of the attack.
Source: BBC News.

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