the long war

There's an important editorial in the Washington Post today. Althought credit is given to the United States for fighting effectively against Islamic terrorism, the failure to recognise the true nature of the problem faced by the civilised world is also discussed. This is something of a rarity in the mainstream media.

The Obama administration are criticised for not even recognising that there is a problem with Islamism that happens to use non-violent means to achieve its goals. Consequently the White House believes that the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood is a good thing. According to the Washington Post, the Obama administration has tried to say that the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is admirable, simply because it has not happened as a result of Al-Qaeda style terrorism. But Ayman Al-Zawahiri, bin Laden's former no. 2 and now top man at AQ, has put the world right on that score, saying that it matters not a jot what means are employed - what matters is the end itself, the imposition of Islamic law upon a society. To achieve that, any and all means are to be employed.

If that can be done using means which result not in the American military dropping an explosive drone on your ass as you're driving your car along a quiet stretch of road, but in the American government throwing money at you and giving speeches in your honour, so much the better. Obviously.

The point here is that the Obama administration - and the British government are no better - can't understand and won't accept that there is an underlying problem with the ideology driving Islamic terrorism, and the means used to impose that ideology are secondary. America might say they're winning the so-called "war on terror" but they aren't stopping the Middle East and North Africa reshaping itself along the lines the terrorists want. So America and Britain might manage to prevent their own citizens from being blown up as they fly from Washington to Miami, or from Edinburgh to London, but on the other hand, the world is being reshaped in accordance with the worldview of the AQ-type "extremists".

In other words, we have to take our shoes off whenever we fly from A to B, and put our toothpaste in a clear plastic bag, and we're pretty sure we won't get blown to bits halfway to Gatwick.  While we're feeling good about that, Islamists throughout the world get exactly what they want.

So who's winning this "war on terror" again?
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PatriotUSA said...

Until we in the West wake up declare war on all facets of islam and take the legal moves to get this removed as a religion from the book, islam will be winning this war.

When our leaders are 'afraid' to mention the words muslim or islamic terrorists or terrorism because they might insult a tiny percentage of the population, islam is winning this war.

Those of us who realize we are at war with islam are the canaries in the coal mine right now. That is OK with me because islam can and WILL be defeated, maybe not in my lifetime but it will.