Christian woman forced out of her job

A lady working at the duty free in Heathrow has lost her job after working there for 13 years. Mrs. Nohad Halawi is taking her former employers to an industrial tribunal. The Christian Legal Centre has instructed Mr. Paul Diamond to represent Mrs. Halawi in her case.

Mrs. Halawi alleges that she was bullied by Muslim employees, who told her that they hated the West and they had only come here to convert people to Islam. These Muslims also allegedly bullied a fellow employee until she was in tears because she wore a cross, made extremely offensive remarks to Christian employees, and told Christians that if they did not convert to Islam they would go to hell.

When five of these Muslim employees made a complaint about Mrs. Halawi to her line manager, a Mr. David Tunnicliffe, saying that Mrs. Halawi was "anti-Islamic", Mr. Tunnicliffe told her that she had behaved inappropriately by asking a Muslim to explain an offensive remark they'd made about Jesus. So apparently, when a Muslim makes an offensive remark about Jesus, that's not offensive. But when a Christian asks a Muslim to explain such a remark, that is offensive.

Mrs. Halawi has had her security pass revoked, so she can no longer work at Heathrow Airport.

Mrs. Halawi says, "This is supposed to be a Christian country, but the law seems to be on the side of the Muslims."

We'll see about that. The Christian Legal Centre has successfully defended several Christian believers in similar cases before now. Time will tell how this case turns out.

Sources: Mail, Telegraph.

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Rich T said...

In a dark alley in while leaving work one night 5 muslims were....

That's how it needs to go.

PatriotUSA said...

Nick, first of all much thanks for your posts. A huge blessing to have dedicated and superb contributors like we do on the Corner.

Immigration from any and ALL muslim countries must be banned and islam declared to NOT be a religion, which it is not. This MUST be done(which we know it neither of the above mention priorities will happen) and all remaining muslims announce allegiance and loyalty to the countries they have immigrated to and assimilate into our societies and culture or be deported back to their respective islamic hell hole ponds they immigrated from.

Since we know these things will not happen then it is coming down a violent, bloody war against islam. The West will win but at what cost and how many millions dead?

Any and all politicians who support and sympathize with islam and sharia law must be thrown out of office ASAP, starting with the first muslim illegal alien potus barrack obama.

We are at war with islam, people. The sooner we ditch our multicultural, diversity and political correctness, the sooner we can turn the tide against this murderous cult and ideology known as islam. There is NO OTHER WAY!